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Interesting statistics ?

Just for fun, if you like statistics and lists as much as I do ;-)

Paul Simon or S&G togehter?
(Which music do the fans on this site prefer?)

How old are Paul Simon fans?
(God is old, we're not old)

Is Paul a womanizer?
(A long awaited answer about that important question)

From which continent do Paul Simon fans come?
(this should Paul made think about where to tour next time ;-) )

Which country has the most fans?
(The most enthusiastic people are from.... ;-) )

What was the first Simon song you ever heard?
(or, what song is played on the radio very often)

How many concerts have people visited?
(and don't forget to update your entry after you visit a show)

www.paul-simon.info site statistics cqcounter?
(finde more out about the visitors of this site)

www.paul-simon.info site statistics statcounter?
(finde more out about the visitors of this site)