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Campaign for the 1991 Paul Simon Concert in the Park to be released on DVD and Blue-Ray

UK tour planned for later in 2016 - Paul appears on BBC Radio 2

from Matthew, 2016-04-21

Paul Simon appeared on BBC Radio 2 this morning to talk to Ken Bruce where he revealed he will tour the UK in Autumn (Fall) 2016.

He discussed the songs Wristband and Insomniac's Lullaby from the forthcoming Stranger to Stranger album. Both were played including the radio debut for the latter.

As well as recalling his time in the UK in the 60s, Paul talked about how this album is an accumulation of all he has learned throughout his career.

Ken's last question was: "Are you going to tour the UK?" to which Paul confirmed he would do in the Autumn (Fall) after his US tour saying he hoped the album would last until then.

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Live N Late in the . . . .

from Elvie, 2016-04-19

Available at Bol.com or Plato (in Holland) release on 22 april 2016, a live album from Paul Simon. EANnr.: 5292317204423. Does anybody knows if this is really a new one or is it already released in the past?

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Han:It's earlier (in 2008) released as ...
Elvie:Available at Bol.com or Plato (in Hollan...

Allen Toussaint dies, now a tribute from Paul, not with Paul

from Bodo, 2015-11-10

Allen Toussaint had been expected to perform a benefit concert along with longtime friend Paul Simon in New Orleans on Dec. 8 at Le Petit Theatre to raise money for the organization, New Orleans Artists Against Hunger And Homelessness.


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Paul Simon Words and Music excibition in Maryland

from Ildikó, 2015-08-22


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Graceland - The African Concert

from klausi, 2015-08-01

Is on TV in just one hour on ARTE, French-German TV, 0-50 -2.25 German Time.

It`s too late now but maybe for people walking on the moon just at the right time.

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Top of the Pops at 73

from Brenda, 2015-04-20

Paul Simon top of the pops at 73 after his greatest hits album reaches number one in the charts
Grammy Award-winning artist tops UK album chart for first time in 25 years
Paul Simon, 73, outsold more youthful musicians such as Ed Sheeran
His album The Ultimate Collection includes 19 tracks from a 50-year-career
Simon's recent tour with Sting is thought to have propelled him to top spot Quarter of a century after his last number one, Paul Simon is back at the top of the charts.
The 73-year-old - who rose to fame as part of Simon & Garfunkel - has forged ahead of more youthful musicians to reach number one in the UK album chart with The Ultimate Collection.
His album outsold those by the likes of Ed Sheeran, James Bay and Sam Smith.

Simon's recent tour with Sting (left) is believed to have been the catalyst in helping to propel him to the top of the charts. It is the first time he has reached the top of the album chart since The Rhythm of the Saints in 1990

The greatest hits record includes 19 tracks from Simon’s 50-year career, including Mrs Robinson and The Only Living Boy in New York, from his days recording and performing as Simon & Garfunkel with Art Garfunkel, prior to their break up in the 1970s, and some of his solo hits such as 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

It marks a return to popularity for the Grammy Award-winning singer, 73, as the first time he has reached the top of the album chart since The Rhythm of the Saints in 1990.
Simon is currently on his On Stage Together world tour with Sting. It is thought the success of the pair’s live shows, which have been met with rave reviews, is what propelled the album to number one.
Simon & Garfunkel broke up spectacularly, and very publicly, in 1970, soon after the release of their album Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Daily Mail Australia 20 April 2015

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Paul performing at Michael Brecker benefit concert

from Bodo, 2015-01-21

Paul Simon, James Taylor and Bobby McFerrin played on Januara 20 at the Michael Brecker benefit show, supporting cancer research.
Detailed articles:


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Paul Simon to help write biography about himself

from Erwin, 2014-11-04

Paul Simon has agreed to co-operate with longtime music critic Robert Hilburn for a planned biography.


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Paul at Everly Tribute - Rolling Stone article

from Bodo, 2014-10-31

A remarkable short and intimate concert by Paul in Nashville to tribute Phil Everly.


Quick and funny notes:
Ticket prices range from500 to 30.000$. When Paul asked a woman sitting in the 2nd row if she had bought that view, she nodded yes. Simon smiled: "I wouldn't have paid that."

Note 2:
Paul belongs now to the group of artists who use pre-recorded whistle tracks onstage (Me and Julio)

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Paul Simon: Words & Music

from Ans, 2014-10-30

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Paul Simon is the first subject of a new-style exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

"Paul Simon: Words & Music'' essentially will be a 1,500-square-foot exhibit of clips and artifacts at the museum and at the Rock Hall's Library and Archives on the Metro campus of Cuyahoga Community College.




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Ans:CLEVELAND, Ohio – Two-time Rock and Roll...

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