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Bob Weir and Paul sang The Boxer in SF

from Bodo, 2019-08-16

Having Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead as a special guest on his San Francisco show at the Outside lands festival, both performed together the Simon and Garfunkel classic "The Boxer"

Video is available on youtube:

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Cecilia played in Maui

from Bodo, 2019-08-16

Paul played together with Michael McDonald a mix/rendition of Cecilia including parts of McDonalds hit "Will It Go Round In Circles" on the 2nd Maui show August 14.
Watch it on youtube:

Paul seems to be very relaxed on that probably un-rehearsed song, doing just a jam and improvising a little bit more than usual.

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Paul to play in Maui and San Franzisco this month

from Bodo, 2019-08-02

Paul Simon will perform full concerts within the next weeks in San Franzisco and near his new home in Hawaii on Maui.
All proceeds will go to different funds for biodiversity or local healthcare projects.

The whole band from the last tour will join him for these shows. Some pictures of a setlist have been posted on Biodun Kuti facebook from the rehearsals.

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New Album!

from Danny C, 2018-12-28

Well, he calls it a new album, but its everything that us diehard fans want! The album is called "Alternate Tunings" and it's an album of unreleased versions of his older songs. I have a copy of 6 tracks from the album. It's the only confirmed songs that I know of

-Song For The Asking
-Papa Hobo
-Learn How To Fall
-Silent Eyes
-Hearts and Bones
-Citizens of the Planet

It's very exciting and the tracks that i've heard are magnificent.

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And he blew Bend Oregon away

from Robert , 2017-06-26

The best concert I have ever been. Thank you Paul and all who surround you with love, care and the energy to inspire us so. Thanks also to the attendees for appreciating and participating in the concert. We danced, we sang and many of us were ecstatic. I do believe I saw Paul crying with tears of joy, I and others surely were.
I grew up in Queens and in 1966 I brought my first stereo and a copy of “Sounds of Silence”. I was still living in Queens but working in Manhattan and spending time there. I played that album until I wore it out. I wanted to see Paul Simon many times but...
The concert so moved me, I took off my priced button “Oregon Loves New York” and put it on the stage for Paul. The button was from a trip in September of 2001 when our mayor led 800 Oregonians to New York City to show our support.
One interesting note. For half the concert the crowd control people would only let the first row folks dance in the area directly in front of the band. You had to have a special bracelet. Then Paul sang a song about the need for special bracelet to get in places and after that we were allowed up front. Thanks again Paul!

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Paul on Late show and recording with Bill Frisell

from Bodo, 2017-05-19

Paul Simon was just recently recording with guitar player Bill Frisell for his next album, as Mr. Frisell revealed in an Interview with stuff magazine.

And just a few days later both artists will appear together on The Late show with Steven Colbert to perform one or two songs.

Do you remember Pauls 2015 appearence on Stephen Colberts show?
Fun to watch how reacted on the "jerk" saying by Artie

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Paul Simon’s “Concert in Hyde Park” Coming in June

from Håkan, 2017-05-11

Paul Simon's concert that he did in Hyde Park on July 15 in 2012 will be released on 2-CD/DVD and 2-CD/BluRay on June 9.
With guest stars Jimmy Cliff, Jerry Douglas, Hugh Masekela and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Track list:

2.Gone at Last
3.Dazzling Blue
4.50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
5.The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff) *
6.Many Rivers to Cross (Jimmy Cliff) *
7.Vietnam (with Jimmy Cliff)
8.Mother and Child Reunion (with Jimmy Cliff)
9.That Was Your Mother
10.Hearts and Bones / Mystery Train / Wheels
11.Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
12.Slip Slidin’ Away
13.The Obvious Child
14.Homeless (with Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
15.Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (with Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
16.I Know What I Know
17.The Boy in the Bubble
18.Crazy Love, Vol. II
20.Under African Skies (with Thandiswa Mazwai)
22.You Can Call Me Al
23.The Sound of Silence
24.The Boxer (with Jerry Douglas)
25.Late in the Evening
26.Still Crazy After All These Years

*= appears on DVD only

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Paul performing at Atlanta

from Brenda, 2017-03-01

Paul will be performing June 2 2017 at Chastain Park Amphitheatre .Date has been confirmed on his Official FB page.


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Talk with Bakithi

from Bodo, 2017-01-30

On Februar 4 there is a Q&A with Bakithi Kumalo at Peconic Landing Community Center Auditorium in Greenport.


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Paul Simon not retiring now

from Bodo, 2016-07-28

Well, it seems sometimes Paul Simon is just testing our nerves. While he made some clear statements to NY times in late June that he thinks about retiring - or taking a very long rest at the age of 74 (which would anyway result in retiring, or can we hope for a comeback at 85?), Paul said in a recent interview before the DNC, that he never said that he will retire now.

He just said he was thinking what it would it mean for him to retire, would it changing his perspective and such things. Okay, fine for us. Maybe also some close friends had influence on him, many wrote him letters and called him and said he can not retire. So he didn't... maybe?

Good news for us.

Here is the full interview. (1 hour)


Now lets just hope his voice is still absolute fine and he does not give a *&$%§ on the crazy comments after the performance of Bridge on the DNC.

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