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Topic: All AuthorRepliesLast PostFrom
Old Friends Live DVD?Morgan2 Jun-16 14:21Bodo
 Paul Simon on ARTE June 1/2Klausi3 Jun-01 17:58Sylvie
 American SongwriterSylvie2 May-31 10:52Scaaty
Paul simon tour Forum guest12 May-29 00:07dave
 Simon and Garfunkel songsBodo1 May-23 04:18Bodo
 Anyone want ticket for LA tonigtMorgan1 May-22 20:42Morgan
Paul playing new black Martin guitarNick1 May-22 17:02Nick
Hearts and Bones Simon and GarfunkelPetermno3 May-17 19:09Nick
Paul Simon The New BiographyNick6 May-17 19:00Nick
 Nothing to do with PaulKlausi1 May-10 20:05Klausi
Four shows in New YorkHåkan27 May-06 22:33Erwin
Still crazy Jerry1 May-04 15:25Jerry
The never ending feud with Art GarfunkelNick8 Apr-30 21:29Klausi
Electonic GracelandNath9 Apr-18 05:55
Diamond London? Who? Bodo 12 Apr-17 10:23Crimson

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