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Campaign for the 1991 Paul Simon Concert in the Park to be released on DVD and Blue-Ray

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Wristband Mother and Child Reunion
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Paul Simon not retiring now from Bodo
UK tour planned for later in 2016 - Paul appears on BBC Radio 2 from Matthew
Live N Late in the . . . . from Elvie

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Paul Simon, Stephen Sondheim talk shop du from rjelinek
Paul Simon and Sting: Still crazy after al from Ildikó Gomb
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New York - 2016-07-01
by Richard USVI


Yuito Ono
from Japan

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Lara : @Brenda: lovely!! English
Brenda: Thank you Isabelle. Great performance. A truly gif... English
mog: Et le WEPS avec le cousin, c est pour quand ? France
Isabelle : oui, les nouvelles ne sont guerre encourageantes France

NEXT CONCERTS - Oct 17, 2016 Prague - Czech Republik    Oct 18, 2016 Leipzig - Germany    Oct 20, 2016 Berlin - Germany        HAPPY BIRTHDAY to James Smith from UK - South East