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July 15, 2008 - Belgium
Brusseles - Forest National


Boy in the bubble
Mrs. Robinson
How can you live in the Northeast
Slip Slidin Away
Spirit Voices
Me and Julio down by the school yard
You´re the one
Train in the distance
The teacher
The sound of silence
The cool, cool river
The only living boy in New York
Father and daughter
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

Still crazy after all these years
You can call me Al
That was your mother

The Boxer
Late in the evening

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Vincent Nguini - Guitar
Bakithi Kumalo - Bass
Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Tony Cedras - Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars
Andy Snitzer - Saxophone, Synthesizer
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Charley Drayton - Drums

Fans who attended this show

Lourens Vos
Guido Onghena

Review by:

Just got back from Brussels. The setlist was the same as yesterday and in Liverpool. It was really great. Second time i saw Paul, First time was in Rotterdam 2002. Paul did not talk a lot to the public. Just a few lines. He was smiling a lot and seem to have a good time on stage. Public was great, also during the songs that were not that wel known. Everybody was quit. I was in the front of the stage so i could see everything perfect. Paul´s voice was good, the band also. I liked Northeast, Duncan, Cool River, SOS, Graceland and the Boxer. My favorites of this night. It was a perfect show!!

Review by:
wouter vermeulen

7th time I saw Paul Simon (last time was Friday 11th in Paris:-)) and he just gets better every time. By now, he has such a wealth of great songs - nearly all of them standards - to choose from and he seems totally at ease with playing songs from every stage of his career. I thought the concert was pretty groovy and more rock ´n roll than some might expect from Paul with a great version of Ms Robinson f.e. Where in Paris the audience started to dance as of the first tones of Gumboots, the Brussels audience ´behaved´ more - probabely impressed by the omnipresent security guys - reacted enthusiastically though and danced at the end.An other difference with paris: only one percussionis. Simalirity: he wore the same clothes. They were awefull.

Paul Simon is one of those rare survivors of the sixties who is still very relevant for todays audiences. He deserves much more credit for this than he actually gets.

It was a truly great concert. Proof? Even my wife liked it!

Review by:

It was the first time that I saw Paul live on stage. I spent a wonderful evening (I sat on the third row!). Although the setlist contained a few less known songs (such as ´Outrageous´ and ´How can you live in the North East´, Paul could convince the audience without any problem. In general, most of the songs sounded live quite rougher and more forceful than the wellknown record versions. I heard a fantastic and surprising version of ´Mrs. Robinson´, with an Elvis-alike groove. But the climax for me was a really tremendous version of ´Train in the distance´ from the album ´Hearts & bones´ (which is for me his best album ever, even better than ´Graceland´... ) The band (with 2 drummers!) did a great job. I hope that one of these European shows will be taped and released on DVD: it would be the perfect (Christmas) present for some of my friends who missed the show yesterday :-) Thank you, Paul.

Review by:

Short: A New York street kid playing some rough music and sharing some intimate moments. It was a gig (not a show), he spoke with music to his audience. You heard some trains in the distance, spiritual voices. The audience listened to the sounds and cheered when it felt to.
After six years in Brussels, the music changed although the songs remained, lovely to hear songs from ´86 (and some much older) evolving.
Thanks for this experience!

Review by:

Paul Simon le 15 juillet dernier était fantastique j´ai passé un moment formidable!!!! Merci à toi Paul
Continu comme ça!!!