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July 03, 2008 - Ireland
Cork - Marquee Festival


Boy in the Bubble
Mystery Train
Mrs. Robinson
How Can You Live in the Northeast
Slip Slidin Away
Me and Julio Down By The School Yard
Spirit Voices
You´re the One
Train in the Distance
The Teacher
The Sound of Silence
The Cool, Cool River
The Only Living Boy in New York
Father and Daughter
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Encore 1:
Still Crazy After All These Years
You Can Call Me Al
That was your mother

Encore 2:
The Boxer
Late in the Evening

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Vincent Nguini - Guitar
Bakithi Kumalo - Bass
Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Tony Cedras - Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars
Andy Snitzer - Saxophone, Synthesizer
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Charley Drayton - Drums

Fans who attended this show

Rosie Tobin
John Odonnell
Robert Kavanagh

Review by:
Gary - Cork

Amazing, fantastic, start to finish, pity a lot of the crowd only stopped nattering when they recognised a song, but that stopped after sound of silence.

Review by:
Paul H

Paul Smon and the band gave a good show which was ruined by a terrible & low volume sound mix, hence the chattering crowd mentioned earlier. The sound of the band could not be heard above the audience most of the time. Just not good enough in this day and age, a possibly fantastic show ruined despite everyone on stage doing a great job!

Review by:
Jerry, Cork.

Fantastic Concert - was a master class from start to finish. Thanks to Paul and all the band for a truly memorable nite.

Review by:

Great man in a bad place sound was poor and the crowd were terribble felt like being at a bar everybody talking over the songs only to stop when one the reconised, saw him two years ago at the point it was much better than last night, felt a little let down in places

Review by:

Paul was in wonderful voice all evening and the set list was a strong retrospective of his career, from S&G days right up to Surprise. It was clear that we were in the presence of a legend and the band were right on the money also. Downside was the venue of course, at times like being at a particularly high spirited and irksome Irish wedding. The bars were doing a roaring trade and this naturally contributed to the noisy and disrespectful crowd milling in and out of the Marquee, who only shut up when they recognised one of the oldies. At times the hum of brainless chatter was overwhelming - I sat in the stand facing the stage. In short, right performer wrong place. A big top afloat on a sea of alcohol. In the right venue this concert would have been historic. No fault of Paul Simon who manfully rose above it all.

Review by:

Excellent concert, though the sound not great for the first 45 minutes..after that it was magic! Total set 2 hours 15 mins approx. Double encore as in Iceland. You can call me Al...euphoric! some performer, great band!

Review by:
tucker waterford ireland

this is the 6th time that i have seen paul simon live.all i can say is the man is a legend,the best songwriter of the 20th century.i have been a huge fan of paul simon since the age of 10 29 yrs ago.the concert in cork was brilliant,but the setlist was poor to many slow songs which is why the audience were talking while he was playing.with so many songs under his belt he could of choosed alot more of his upbeat songs.all in all a great show please come back to play the new 02 areana soon.

Review by:

Great Show, Paul was quite chatty, said it was great to back home in ireland and we were the best audience in europe then added that he says that all over the world. bit of a mix up with Mark Stewart at the start of Outrageous which didn´t sound as assertive as usual. asked someone in the audience to look after the pieces he needs for the guitar as there was nowhere on the mike to put them.
Great flute /tin whistle solo from Mark on Duncan, the acoustic version of sound of silence was beautiful. there was a young guy on the centre drums who was amazing - i didn´t catch his name. Ended with late in the Evening which was done a bit like the one in the Capeman BAM with all the band coming to the front to take a bow.

Review by:

I had a great spot for this show, front centre! We had made a sign before the show asking for ´The Late Great Johnny Ace´ but when he saw it he just smiled and said sorry... After a couple of songs, Paul tried to hang his capo on the mic stand but it kept falling off so he asked me to hold onto it for him, but told me that I had to give it back!
The performance was top notch, with too many highlights to mention, and as the show went on the crowd really got going, singing along with the songs, and by the end the marquee (a venue not very different from a big top circus) was positively heaving. Here in Cork, we´ve had a summer of great gigs, with Clapton doing a blues show a few weeks back, and Neil Young putting in a powerful performance last Monday. Paul really seemed to enjoy himself, and gave a concert that will be remembered here for a long time.

Review by:

What a fantastic concert - it was the 6th show I went to at the marquee this year and by far the best. The atmosphere was electric and at times the audience was a huge choir happily singing along with Paul. He really seemed to enjoy the night himself too.
Highlight of the night was his version of ´The Sound Of Silence´ - absolutely spellbinding.
Other crowd pleasers were ´Slip Slidin´ and ´Call Me Al´
And I was lucky enough to have my own two favourites on the set list - ´The Boxer´ and ´Late In The Evening´
All in all a fantastic night, one I´ll remember for a long, long time.
Last night I truly felt I was in the presence of a legend. Thanks Paul - come back again soon.
Regards, Joan : July 4th 2008.

Review by:

Paul Simon is a better writer,singer,musician,entertainer,arranger,producer and most of all person than any of his contemporarys.This includes Dylan and all of the other lazy ´legends´ of the era. Let me explain.
Paul Simon has put his heart and soul into his music and musicality. He does not rest on the fact he has done whatever, sold whatever and won whatever. He is always pushing himself and learning and evolving as a player. On stage in Cork he was totally consumed by the songs and not faking it. He breathes new life intosome of his ancient songs and belief in his newer ones. His band believe too.Thet believe in him,and the songs. You can feel it. Vincent Nguini looks at him all the time with respect and love as does Mark Stewart.All of his band are Real pros and Real Players.The only people who do not appreciate this are the non Paul Simon fans. By this i mean the Simon and Garfunkel fans who just want all of the ´Definitive´ album played live. They dont want to know about Paul Simons solo career and evolution.They dont want to hear ´Northeast´ or even most of Graceland apart from Call me Al.Its sad but true.
S and G were great, but so is Paul Simon. In fact Paul is better on his own, always was, as his solo version of Sound of Silence in Cork will tell you. In novenbers Point show he did Bridge solo, again more depth of delivery and emotion on his own.
I like Art Garfunkel and the music he did with Paul but time and time again this man has proven to be better on his own with his songs, his voice, his guitar and for gravy on top, his band.
Its always the same in Ireland, people want what they know and are afraid to embrace what they dont ie. Pauls post S and G music. I have witnessed it so much now i am immune to the ignorance of it but i felt compelled to share my thoughts. i hope i havent upset any of you earlier work people but im afraid the truth hurts. Paul Simon-always evolving.
Paul Simons Irish audience-narrow minded.