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November 08, 2006 - Ireland
Dublin - Point Theatre


2)boy in the bouble
4)50 ways
5)slip slidin´ away
6)you´re the one
7)me and julio down by the schoolyard
8)train in the distance
9)how can you live in the northeast
10)loves me like a rock
11)that was your mother
14)father and daughter
16)only living boy in new york
17)diamonds on the soles of her shoes

encore 1
1)you can call me al
2)still crazy after all these years

1)wartime prayers
2)late in the evening
3)bridge over troubled water

encore 3
1)the boxer
2)homeward bound(he said we sang it better then he did!!)

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Vincent Nguini - Guitar
Bakithi Kumalo - Bass
Steve Gadd - Drums
Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Robin diMaggio - Drums, percussion
Tony Cedras - Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars
Andy Snitzer - Saxophone, Synthesizer
Harper Simon - Guitar
Adrian Simon - Keyboards

Fans who attended this show

Rosie Tobin
Robert Kavanagh

Review by:

One of the very best concerts I have attended at The Point ... worth it alone for Andy Snitzer´s hair-raisingly magnificent sax-solo on ´Still Crazy After All These Years´ - only one of so many many many highlights! ´Wartime Prayers´ with Paul Simon singing to his own guitar backing was breath taking and the hushed audience responded to the prayers with reverend raptured attention. On the way out many people simply said ´wasn´t that just brilliant?... but asked of strangers as though to share the experience of hearing the soundtrack to so many of our lives sung with passion and respect, sheer brilliance and a lot of joy. Well done Mr Paul Simon ... you certainly made up for the wishy-washy S&G Concert in the RDS some time back!

Review by:
Brian from Belfast

What a show, how does he continue to churn out these exceptional performances? This was my third Paul Simon concert and without doubt the best so far, no monetary value can be placed on witnessing this lyrical genius live. There were so many highlights of the night from the ´Graceland´ classics to ´Bridge..´ and ´The Boxer´, but the masterpiece for me was ´The Only Living Boy in New York´, quite simply an immense performance. Keep coming back Paul.

Review by:
Jason from Wexford

what can you say about it.It was something very special and very lucky to witness,He seemed mesmorised by the crowd at the end and genuinely happy at what he had just done, A marvelous night and a true genius at work, Thank you Mr Simon

Review by:

I saw S&G way back in the 80´s at the showjumping arena, then Paul Simon on the Rythm of the saints tour in Belfast King´s Hall, S&G at the RDS again and finally Paul in the Point. Two things stand out in my memory - Hearts and Bones and Wartime Prayers. Astoundingly beautiful guitar work, atmosphere you could cut a knife with and respect for a genuis in his element.

Review by:
Anna from Dublin

It was a splendid night at the Point, Dublin. An outstanding performance with great musicians. If I was being hypercritical, I found it a bit annoying the amount of movement on and off the stage. Musicians kept coming and going if they weren´t needed and in the middle of the songs too and then they slithered back in later in the same song. And roadies sneaking in down low at various times. I really felt it lacked discipline but hey you couldn´t fault the music and that´s what it´s all about. I never was at a concert with so many encore numbers; we all certainly got our monies worth. My highlight was Homeward Bound - just Paul and a guitar and a few thousand Irish voices - all of them in tune! Magic!

Review by:

Once again a magnificent performance!! This was 6th time to see Paul live, 2 S&G and 4 solo, the solos are always better. Highlights Train in the distance, wartime Prayers. new versions of YTO and BTOW wow!!
Early in the show Paul had problems with his guitar - he said something to the effect of - the kind of person I am this will throw me out it´ll take an hour to get back to this place. Told us a few times how he loved being in Ireland even if it sounded like a cliche. (most Americans say that!!)
Got right up to the stage for the encores and was very close to Paul. I was standing beside someone who was blowing him kisses, and he kept giving us funny looks. So caught up in watching the band I forgot to use the digital camera for a video and only took photos without flash.
Mark Stewart was having a ball, I think he felt it was really him we all came to see.
The crowd gave Steve Gadd a great cheer when Paul intoduced him nice to see his brilliance is recognised. He did a great solo on 50 ways.
Paul got a bit lost on Slip slidin starting with ´I know a woman´ but the ending of the song made up for it... the sounds only bit if you know what I mean.
I sent a request for him on a late night radio show thanking him and hoping he´ll come back soon.
since this was just the ´UK tour´ maybe Paul will include ireland when (not ´if ´ I´m sure) he visits the mainland Europe next year :)