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July 17, 2004 - Ireland
Dublin - RDS


Old Friends/Bookends´
´Hazy Shade of Winter´
´I am a Rock´
´At the Zoo/Baby Driver´
´Kathy’s Song´
´Hey Schoolgirl´

The Everly Brothers
´Wake Up Little Susie´
´Dream, Dream, Dream´
´Let It Be Me´
´Bye, Bye, Love´ (with Simon and Garfunkel)

´Scarborough Fair´
´Homeward Bound´
´Sound of Silence´
´Mrs. Robinson´
´Slid Slidin’ Away´
´El Condor Paso´
´Keep the Customer Satisfied´
´The Only Living Boy in New York´
´American Tune´
´My Little Town´
´Bridge Over Troubled Water´
First Encore
´The Boxer´
Second Encore
´Leaves That Are Green´
´59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)´

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Rob Schwimmer - Keyboards, Theremin
Jim Keltner - Drums
Larry Saltzman - Guitar
Warren Bernhardt - Piano
Freddie Washington - Bass

Fans who attended this show

Robert Kavanagh

Review by:

Absolutely brill!
Surprised at how much I enjoyed myself - I really really enjoyed it!
There was unfortunate couple beside us who wree drunk as skunks, complete with rucksack of cans of budweiser and bulmers - worst thing about them were that they were at least 55 and kept dancing/singing loudly at all the wrong times.
Normally this would really tick me off but the magical music prevented an outbreak of concert rage.
The arrangements were just superb.
was with a friend who hates Homeward Bound and even he had to admit that it was good.
Quote of the night - at about 9.45 pm a guy in his 20s stood near where we were and asked ´is simon the small guy?´ ;-)

Review by:

What a fantastic concert. I saw Paul´s belly! I loved Art´s raincoat, a real fashion statement. I waited not so patiently for three hours, until, finally, the security and safety announcements, yey! Three times i heard those, fantastic. Finally, the duo stepped on stage and the crowd errupted, especially me, who might I add, was probably the youngest person there. I got a good view of Paul and Art. From the opening lines of ´Old Friends´ to the ending of the second encore, the atmosphere was electic. The crowd sang along to all of the songs, even if it was just during the chorus (or in the case of Scarborough Fair, ´Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme´) My friends always ask me why I like Simon and Garfunkel so much, probably because theyre fatastic singers, Paul is the best songwriter EVER and they can still put on a great music show, without the aid of over the top pyrotechnics and backing tracks. SO THERE. Why should I listen to the likes of Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake, when there are artists like Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel around? Well done also to the Everly Brothers who had the crowd in the palms of their hands for their brief, but brilliant set. A fantastic show and an unforgettable experience.

Review by:
Daniel M. Crossley

Saturday July 17th was the Dublin part of the ´Old Friends 2004 tour´. The concert began with film footage of Simon and Garfunkel growing up, black and white footage of people dancing and some events of the past fifty years with America as the soundtrack. I thought that this was a rather moving look back at years gone by. After the film footage, Paul and Art walked on stage and sang their first song, Old Friends/Bookends, which Paul played on an electric-acoustic guitar. I felt quite emotional as I have waited so long to see them play together live. Art briefly told the story of how he and Paul met and said that it was the fiftieth anniversary of their friendship but Paul corrected Art saying that, due to an initial fall out, it was really the 48th anniversary.
Other songs followed: Kathy´s Song, A Hazy Shade of Winter, At The Zoo, El Condor Pasa, America, Scarborough Fair, American Tune and The Sound Of Silence (which caused people, including myself, to stand up and rejoice). There was no performance of Citizen Of The Planet, though, which I was half expecting.
After a mini break they were back on stage and introduced the Everly Brothers who performed Wake Up Little Suzie and All I Have To Do Is Dream, themselves and performed an energetic Bye Bye Love with S&G. They all have great voices still and can hold a note very well still.
Scenes from The Graduate introduced Mrs. Robinson. This was followed by Slip Sliding Away (which Paul said should have been a S&G song), My Little Town, Leaves That Are Green, The Only Living Boy In New York (which Paul said he wrote for Art when he was filming in Mexico for Catch 22 in 1969) and a wonderful performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water which Paul joined in on in the last verse. They then went backstage but the crowd cheered for more. After a minute or two, they came on stage again and played The Boxer (in which the harmonica solo was played on a ´wave stick´), Feelin´ Groovy (which was partly played on a didgeridoo and a strange-looking guitar with a pipe attached) and concluded the concert with the celebratory song, Cecilia. All the performers then walked to the front of the stage and took a bow whilst we all applauded and cheered. It was a great atmosphere, the weather was good (it was an open-air concert) and it was an evening to treasure. I bought a few t-shirts, a keyring and a tour book.

Review by:
Garret Byrne

Firstly may i say what an honour it was to watch Simon and Garfunkel perform live.. I´m 22 now and was 21 then and i taught it would never happen. But when i heard the tickets where going on sale. Slap bang my CC was waiting and 4 tickets where bought.

Paul Simon is such a great artist.. I´m listening to Graceland the South Africa Concert and it´s really good a must have for any paul simon fan.

So yes i was very pleased with how the concert went it went great. I´m a bit anoyed now i could have brought my minidisk and recorded it because there not selling it the concert i was at which sucks.

But other then that, Great


Review by:

I was at Simon and Garfunkel in the RDS an Dublin and it was the best concert I´ve ever been at. They really know how to entertain the crowd and I hope they will return to Dublin again soon.

They are two living legends.

Review by:
Garret Byrne

Simon and Garfunkel just know what songs you want to hear. I mean I was at the Dublin concert. I´m born and raised in Dublin all my life and thought I´d never see the famous duo ever on stage in Dublin but low and behold there they where I grab the tickets and me and my mates went to see Simon and Garfunkel and let me tell you. The best concert I´ve ever seen and now I´m not just saying it. They sounded perfect together. Even the Brothers where perfect, sounded great (for there age)

All in all it was a really great show.

Garret (When are the going to make a DVD of It)
[email protected] let me know?

Review by:

After a delay of half an hour and several attempts to make a safety announcement, images of S & G over the years appeared on the screens, interceded with events (e.g. Berlin wall coming down) that took place at the same time. The lads themselves then appeared and as with all the other tours launched into Old Friends.
The banter was pretty much the same as other concerts, although Paul paid homage to our Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney. In addition, during the Cheshire cat and white rabbit story Paul insisted on letting us know that his was the main part while Artie was in the supporting (albeit important!!) role. During Artie´s long intro to Kathy´s Song Paul whispered something to him that appeared to get a grinning Artie to call the song a ballad rather than a love song (Is Edie objecting I wonder?).
There was no doubt as to who the main star of the show was. The crowd kept cheering Paul, Artie kept groveling and Paul himself joined in as well. In fairness he was in great voice while Artie was a bit husky, and he dominated most songs. However there seemed to be a good report between the two.
The band was fantastic and Mark Stewart certainly caught the attention of the crowd. Bodo you were right about his playing during SOS. As mentioned in the Hyde Park review the arrangement for Feeling Groovy was amazing ´“ I hadn´t seen it mentioned before. Is this new for the European tour?
All in all in it was a great night, I heard one young Westlife look-alike exclaim ´ and Paul Simon WROTE all these??´ But Paul, if you ever read this ´“ we all know you´re the best, you know you´re the best and so does Artie ´“ so lighten up and stop making him grovel all the time.
Here´s to the next tour soon.