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HeadlineYour Top 10 albums of the 20th century?

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Jun-28-2003, 23:24 GMT

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Hi all,

I am writing on behalf of Dean Scapolo, a New Zealand music chart researcher, who is conducting a survey of peoplesĀ“ top ten albums of the 20th century (until 2000). He has had 1150 votes so far - but can never get enough!!

His website is:
where you can find his list of the top 100 albums he has got (of all his 1150 votes) so far.

Here are the rules (VERY IMPORTANT!!):
1) No 21st century albums, this current survey is for 20th century albums only.
2) No bootleg albums, these are not official albums.
3) Greatest Hits, Live, Compilations and Soundtracks are fine.
4) Show your dversity and try to keep to a maximum of THREE albums by one artist.
5) TEN albums, no more no less. TEN.

ALSO - We need your NAME and COUNTRY!!! AGE is optional.
Please - this is very important as we cannot use your lists without this information. Nor can we use your lists if they do not follow any of the rules.

Lets see the lists come rolling in!

Remember, you can only have up to THREE albums from any one artist.

Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you,

Toby, 20, NZ

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