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HeadlineIn Restless Dreams

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Mar-25-2024, 17:04 GMT
South Africa

Watched the two episodes.

I give 7 out of 10.

Did not learn much, since we know a lot already.

Sound is great. Lots of never-seen footage and pictures.

Otherwise, I feel bad for Art (he declined to participate); he is an easy scapegoat in the documentary, it seems.

Doc stops after 1991, so it feels incomplete....

Probably good for the casual fan, or for a younger person that falls onto it, and wants to learn more about his dad and grand-dad's favorite artist....

But for the hard-core fan...

Also for the Seven Psalms stuff, it is more or less interesting. When Gibney films it, music and lyrics are already determined, so we mostly watched Simon signing the lyrics. His engineer does not say a single word...

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Mar-27-2024, 01:40 GMT
USA - United Staates America

I was reminded toward the end of the film of the 'Obvious Child' performance at SNL. I had never seen it. A few clicks on the internet and I was able to locate it.

Great performance! Olodum in the studio!

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