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HeadlineStill Performing After All These Years

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Mar-03-2024, 22:51 GMT
South Africa

Recently I found this gem on the internet: Paul was a surprise act at a fundraiser at @mulliganspubmaui.
See him play:

It's good to see our Old Friend giving a neighbourhood concert now and then.
The last episode of his career has similarities to the first years of his career: just a musician and a guitar. And it looks like he's just having fun.
I love it!

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Mar-10-2024, 02:38 GMT
USA - United Staates America


thank you Henk . The link is not working for me. Maybe this one will . Paul sang two songs at the benefit. The Boxer and Slip Slidin Away.His guitar work on Slip Sliding Away was awesome !

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Mar-16-2024, 16:34 GMT
USA - United Staates America

I tried to start a new topice, but it didn't work, so I'll add it here:
Luckily I copied my text, so I don't have to rewrite it..
I just watched his interview at Colbert's late night show, and to my surprise a performance of my favourite song of 7 psalms, 'your forgiveness'.

The interview was great, mostly about the movie/documentary 'in restless dreams', and his hearing loss. The way he explained Darling Lorraine was increadible and blew me away the first time.
The way he performed the song blew me away the second time.

Here are the links:



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