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HeadlineSeven Psalms: Initial Reaction

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May-19-2023, 02:45 GMT
South Africa

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Just finished listening to it for the first time on the radio. My initial reaction is shock. (In a good way). It was more split up than I thought it would be.

The positive:

- It’s by far Paul’s most experimental album
- The lyrics and guitar playing are both masterfully done
- Even though it’s mostly Paul and his guitar there’s so much to dive into sonically.

The negative:

- This may be because I was listening to it on radio but his voice seemed a little too quiet in some parts

-It’s definitely something for his fans more so grab the general public. Nothing on the album sounds like pop. This is good when you’re listening on your own or with major music fans but it probably limits how many people will get into it.

I’ll do a more in depth review after I get a chance to listen to it in full quality, multiple times. This is definitely one for repeat listens! Hope you guys enjoy as well!

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