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HeadlinePaul Sold His Song catalogue to Sony

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Apr-05-2021, 08:39 GMT
South Africa

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This might be a big surprise for some of US, because WE Always thought Paul Simon wants 100 percent control about His Songs and how they are Used. And He was one of the few Artist who was able to keep His Song rights since the 1950s when He was 15 years old.
Anyway the Deal ist Here and Paul Simon Sold all His 400 Songs to Sony music.
Thats what Bob Dylan and Other Artist die Too in the Last months, Bob for a dumm of 400 Mio USD.
We can only speculate about the reasons and the sum. We Know Paul does Not want to give hundreds of millions to His Kids, so IT might be better to Cash in now and give the Money to biodiversity Funds.

How much did Sony pay?
I would say WE can Not expect the Same sum as Dylan received, a Lot of Money is Made by Covers today... Although the Sound of Silence got massive AirPlay and income in the Last years With its New Cover Version (so IT IS really hard to speculate).

What might that mean for the Songs?
I assume Sony wants to make Cash Out of that Deal, so we will Hear more Cover Versions of Pauls Songs, and the Songs will maybe appear in a Lot of movies and TV Series. Hopefully He Had a Anti Trump campaign clausel in the contract :-)

Otherwise IT might make Sense to sell now, If you do Not want to give a Solid income to your Kids for the next 50 years ;-)

Btw. Paul McCartney Just bought Back all Beatles Song rights in 2017 , so that would be a surprise If He sells Too.
Half of Michael Jacksons catalogue (that included more Artist, also the Beatles and many more ) have been bought for 750 Mio in 2012.

So I assume the Songs are lese worth nowadays than 10 years before, but in the Other Hand companies like Spotify or YouTube May have to pay more licence Fees in the next years. So my guess is that their monthly subscription prices May become higher, and they will remove some Artist from some plattforms (No more Paul Simon on YouTube maybe, or in Spotify ...) - Like they did With TV Series (Netflix/Amazon/HBO..)

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May-03-2021, 00:55 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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Pauls songs got much more airplay and sold better than Dylans.

Covers by others made Dylans songs more popular than his own efforts. Hits, million selling singles provide much more income than albums.

With the song BOTW Paul made 6 million Dollars in 1970 alone.( Consider exchange-rate and inflation - at 6 percent/year we have 35 Millions Dollars and near 70 Millions in Euro)

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May-16-2021, 07:27 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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"Buddy Holly still goes on
But his catalog was sold"

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