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Jul-30-2019, 11:46 GMT

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having received an email today from this site asking if I still wish to be on the mailing list I felt I should make a contribution. first a question? Is there any news that there will be a CD/DVD of the Homeward Bound tour? the concert in Flushing Meadows would be great, maybe with a few from MSG for those songs interrupted by low flying jets!
2. I've just finished reading Peter Carlins book Homeward bound. I had avoided reading it for a while thinking it would be very anti Paul. but quite on the contrary it was very pro Paul. OK it did go into all the ways Paul Simon used and abused people (not very many in reality) all the episodes we've heard before. however each one could be considered an oversight, being caught up in the moment or just plain arrogance and carelessness of youth. Which of us has not been guilty of that. I felt I got a better insight into the life and times of Paul Simon certainly in the early part of his career. I would recommend it to any fan, the details may be too much for the casual reader.

3.Its over a year since the last concert in Dublin, and its only beginning to hit home that there will be no more! Still it was an amazing concert, fabulous weather and it was there we decided come hell or high water we would get to the last concert in New York.
Hopefully there will still be occasions of new news needing to be discussed and while it is still accessible I will always take a daily look at this website to check on how its doing!!

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Aug-01-2019, 08:33 GMT

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Hi Scatty. Glad you got to attend two of the shows from the Farewell Tour including the last one at Corona. They were really great.Wish I could have got to go to one .Thought the crowd singing along to "Homeward Bound at Dublin was the best of the tour !

I too really enjoyed the Carlin biography, very well researched especially the early years. He was quite fair to Paul and agree about his treatment of the few controversial issues. After all it was Paul himself who said "I haven't forgotten what I did to various people. I was not an angel, that's for sure ". As you said who of us is ?

Great that Paul has kept to his word and popped up recently performing in a few benefit concerts with other musicians and lucky enough we got a few videos. Also two concerts coming up next week with his band in San Francisco ,one headlining a Music Festival. Two the following week in Maui where he lives part of the year now. All proceeds from these going to enviromental causes. I am sure we still have a lot more to come from Paul. I did not get an e mail about the site. Could be because I changed my e mail address a few days ago .

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Aug-02-2019, 08:42 GMT

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Thank you Scaaty!

In July I just "repaired" the mailing-ability of the server this website runs.. but what I did not think about is, that every month this website will create this "newsletter". I think the last newsletter was send out somewhen in 2009.
So you all got an "empty" newsletter, cause no "news" have been posted. And I just could not imagine back in that time, that we would not have any news for "a month". I should adjust that script now.
Sorry for that.

I did not read that book from Peter Carlins, but I think all those things have been discussed on different websites. So I guess the book would not have any new details. I was not very happy with the "official" biography, cause it mentioned having an interview with Heidi Berg, but ended up having only 1 short sentence from Heidi. But I remember writting about 2 emails with the person who claimed to be Heidi Berg on facebook (before she closed the account), and she was a very weird person, you could not have a straight conversation with her, she was full of anger. You would not receive a clear answer from her when asking a question, at least not one that would be usefull to be written down in a book. I can only assume this has to do with some medication, or it is her caracter.

Paul is playing 3 concerts this month of August.

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Aug-13-2019, 18:51 GMT

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Just passing by to tell you Im still alive and fan
Ps No Paul Simon shows here.. nor gotting emails from page

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Aug-13-2019, 18:52 GMT

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