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Jul-18-2019, 14:20 GMT

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According to Chart Masters, total album sales by S&G are 124 Million units worlwide (Number 32) and Paul Simons 51 Millions ( Number 75).

Together they would reach number 15.

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Aug-02-2019, 08:56 GMT

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Are you suggesting they should re-join for that purpose? ;-)

So "Paul Simon and Garfunkel" would have 175 million sales, and be number 15.

But can you imagine what position this band would reach
"Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel" ?


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Aug-15-2019, 19:02 GMT

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Hi Bodo,

For me a reunion would be terrible.

CP 81, the tour afterwards and all other reunions were musically not helpful for Paul, who always made better music alone and was financilly totally independent.

He was said to have made 6 million Dollars as composer of the song Bridge in 1970 (meant at that time about 2 Million Euros), and this song alone made him one of the reachest men in the music world. Sung by more than 200 other artists.

From 1968 until 1972 S&G outsold every other artists including the Beatles and (financially speaking) he earned maybe five times or even more than his partner.

And his voice was great also on his last tour and the musicians on all tours were among the best one could find.

So why? A new album would be great.

He wrote about 160 songs since 1963 (without the songs from the Capeman, which could only be understood when knowing the story).

About 3 songs per year.

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