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HeadlineConcert in the park on dvd?

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Nov-25-2016, 22:08 GMT
United Kingdom

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Hi Struisiu - I'm not sure the PMs are working. You can e-mail me at

toomde @ hotmail . com

(no spaces)

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Dec-07-2016, 19:48 GMT

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For what it's worth ... If the admin don't shoot this message ;-)

[ https://www.t411.li/t/5614245 ]

Be sure to have adblock enable before you go there.

All the best

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Tony Rees
Jan-15-2019, 04:01 GMT

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This may now be old news, but the "Concert in The Park" has **finally** received an official release in December 2018 on DVD by PBS - information here:


I believe the DVD is NTSC, region 1 only (have not purchased it myself because I have previously invested in a copy off the laserdisc). However it should keep some old and new folk very happy I would think. It seems to be available only direct from PBS at this time (not on Amazon). Cheers - Tony

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