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April 06, 2008 - USA / New York
New York - BAM Harvey Theater


Just two kinds of people in the world
Shimmy, shimmy, Ko-Ko- Bop
Tears on my pillow Little Anthony and the Imperials

Introduction to SHO Oscar hernadez

Born in Puerto Rico Jorge Maldonado, Danny Rivera & Company
In Mayaguez Jorge Maldonado, Claudette Sierra & Women’s Chorus
Santero Ray de la Paz, Claudette Sierra w/Gilberto Velaquez
Aquinaldo Claudette Sierra, Kelli Sae & Company
Satin Summer Nights Frankie Negron, Obie Bermudez w/Myrna Lynn Gomila, Alkebulan & Doo Wop Group
Bernadette Frankie Negron w/Alkebulan & Doo Wop Group
Vampires Obie Bermudez & Male Chorus
Quality Obie Bermudez w/Myrna Lynn Gomila, Alkebulan & Doo Wop Group
Can I Forgive Him Claudette Sierra, Luba Mason, w/ Nicole Lequerica
Adios Hermanos Frankie Negron, w/Myrna Lynn Gomila & Company.


Esperame En El Cielo SHO, Ray de la Paz, Marco Bermudez, WillliamTorres
Jesus Es Mi Senor Gilberto Velazquez, Claudette Sierra, Nicole Lequerica & Company
Sunday Afternoon Claudette Sierra, Nicole Lequerica
Time Is An Ocean Obie Bermudez, Jorge Maldonado, Claudette Sierra
Killer Wants to Go to College Steve Conte
Virgil and the Warden Steve Conte
Wahzinak’s First Letter Nicole Lequerica
Trailways Bus Paul Simon w/Nicole Lequerica
Wahzinak and Sal Nicole Lequerica, Obie Bermudez
El Malecon Danny Rivera w/ WillliamTorres, Ray de la Paz, Marco Bermudez
You F…… Up my Life Obie Bermudez, Jorge Maldonado & Male Chorus
Lazarus/ Last Drop of Blood Ray de la Paz, Jorge Maldonado, Luba Mason, & Company
Sal’s Last Song Jorge Maldonado
Esmeralda’s Dream Claudette Sierra, Frankie Negron & Company
Born in Puerto Rico (Reprise) Danny Rivera & Company

Late in the Evening/Tarde en La Noche Paul Simon, SHO & Company

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Vincent Nguini - Guitar
Bakithi Kumalo - Bass
Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Tony Cedras - Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars
Andy Snitzer - Saxophone, Synthesizer
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Charley Drayton - Drums

Fans who attended this show


Review by:

The Capeman at the BAM

The theatre (Harvey) was quite small and intimate. The décor was sparse and the walls have been left in their original condition.. I had a very good seat in the 8th or 9th row with no seats directly in front of me. Photography was not allowed and they were quite strict about it. Little Anthony and the Imperials sang a few songs and then the Spanish Harlem orchestra came on. The leader Oscar Hernandez introduced the group and Little Anthony, saying that Paul had wanted to represent the music that inspired him during the write up of the Capeman. There was very little staging and there was no representation of the fight but the songs did follow in order to give the story. Danny Rivera played the part of the older Sal, singing most of the songs song by Paul Simon on the album. A curious omission was ´Shoplifting Clothes´. There was no sign of Paul during the first half of the show, but it was so enjoyable that I was glad of not having the distraction. The audience seem to really enjoy the performance and various artists seem to have a very strong (and loud) fan base.
The mother (Claudette Sierra) was amazing as was young Sal (Ray de la Paz), and prison Sal (Obie Bermudez). Paul did Trailways bus with Nicole Lequerica, who played the part of a young Native American who befriended Sal. Songs were very politcal at this stage and critcial of white US treatment of Hispanics and Native Americans. For the remainder of the second half I could see Paul standing in the side wings directly across from me. I was tempted to wave but feared embaresseing long suffering husband. The show finished with Paul joining the performers and singing the SHO version of Late in Evening.
Paul was dressed in a black shirt, trousers and shoes ´“ more formal that usual. As seen in recent pictures he was wearing his hair long without a cap. He looked a bit tired but his singing and dancing were as strong as usual.
Some pieces were absolutely amazing. Highlights inc the two mothers singing Can I Forgive Him, The congregation sing Jesu Es Mi Senor, and one of my favourites ´Quality´.
After the show, there were CDs for sale both of Paul Simons back catalogue and albums made by the other performers. Many people were looking for a CD of the show but were told it was only available on iTunes. The girls selling them never mentioned that Late in the Evening as sung on the show was on the SHO album. If you became a friend of BAM you got a Capeman CD signed by Paul Simon. I suppose I should have joined but I´d prefer to see him signing in person.
Ok it was a bit disappointing that there was only 2 appearances of Paul, but I knew that before going and it was well worth seeing and hearing the Capeman being performed. By the reaction of the crowd, it would not surprise me if they have another going of staging this amazing musical. As to it being an inappropriate storyline for a musical, ´The Colour Purple´, a story of incest, child sexual abuse, rape and wife beating is now on Broadway and I didn´t notice any protests!!