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August 01, 1994 - USA / New York
Montauk - Back at the Ranch

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Mary Hohulin

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Picture taken at this concert - back in 1994 he was already wearing a cap, and a toupet. Also in 1993 it was reported that Paul was wearing a cap at the Ranch concert.

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I had driven from Florida to Montauk on my vacation. I saw a sign for a concert - Paul Simon and Friends. It was a benefit for the Montauk Lighthouse and other charities. It was an annual concert that had been held since 1988. This was just too good to be true. All of the regular tickets were sold out, but they had VIP tickets for $250. What the hell. It´s only once, I thought. And part of it was tax deductible so I bought one. I arrived not knowing what to expect. With my VIP ticket, I got special parking, a free t-shirt and lunch. I sat down with a woman who had been there before and knew to reserve a front row seat (actually bales of hay). She invited me to join her and I had my first front row seat at a Paul Simon concert. Jimmy Buffett was the guest performer that day and many in the crowd had parrots on their heads. Edie Brickell and Harper Simon performed as well. I´ve been back for two more of the concerts (1995 and 1999), but nothing can compare with that first one.