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April 04, 1998 - USA / California
Los Angeles - University of CA


Trailways Bus,
Slip Slidin Away
Me & Julio.
Loves Me Like A Rock **
Mrs Robinson **
Superstition (Stevie Wonder song) **

** with Stevie Wonder & Don Henley

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

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Just got back from seeing Paul at a benefit at UCLA he performed Trailways Bus, Slip Slidin Away, Graceland, and Me & Julio. At the end he came back out and joined Stevie Wonder & Don Henley and they did Loves Me Like A Rock & Mrs Robinson followed by Stevie´s song Superstition. He sounded great and seemed to be having a good time..I know I did!

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Went to the Royce Hall benefit at UCLA and got to see Paul´s performance. What
I enjoyed the most was Stevie Wonder and Paul´s improvising ´Mrs. Robinson´.
He seemed to be very comfortable and really enjoying himself as if he were at a gathering with friends and just having a good time. I haven´t been a fan for a long time but ´The Capeman´ opened up the door for me to really appreciate Paul´s music. I feel very lucky that I was able to see him in a live
performance. That I credit to a very good friend of mine who brought me. All I know is that I found myself clapping, dancing in my seat, totally consumed in the music, and with a big old smile on my face as I listened to him perform---This to me is what really good music is all about.

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I was there too and what a treat !!! I thought I would never be able to see him on stage again.
His voice was perfect, and the acoustics of the Royce Hall is excellent. At the beginning, I was worried because I got a balcony seat, but the view was great.I have particularly enjoyed the end, when Paul and Stevie Wonders did Loves Me Like A Rock and Mrs Robinson together, they seem to appreciate each other a lot. Stevie even said he remembered the first time he saw Paul, and he added ´I was a little boy;´ funny moment. After that great evening I cannot believe Paul when he says that he will not perform again. He has too much fun on stage! Anyway, thank you Paul for tonight.

Review by:

Yeah, that was quite a night! I just got back to San Diego from the concert. Stevie was really getting into Loves Me Like a Rock, then it was Henley´s turn for a verse. He damn near killed it, at least compared to Stevie´s contribution. I thought Henley gave a fairly uninspired performance overall, although I still enjoyed it. Don Felder played with him, so half the Eagles were there.

This was a black tie event (for some!) to honor 4 people, including John Wooden, and of course, to raise money for the arts at UCLA. Most seats went for $500-$5000, according to the UCLA website, which included a dinner with the celebrities. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that there in the UCLA heartland, Paul got a bigger applause than Wooden, who I thought would be next to God there. In the middle of the Superstition song, Paul did a very thoughtful thing in waving to the backup singers to come out, as well as Paul Reiser and John Lithgow, to get the final ovations.