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April 05, 1974 - Japan
Aichi - Ken Tai-iku-kan


1.Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
2.Was A Sunny Day / Cecilia
3.Homeward Bound
4.American Tune
5.El Condor Pasa (w/Urubamba)
6.Duncan (w/Urubamba)
7.Death In Santa Cruz (Urubamba)
8.Kacharpari (Urubamba)
9.Scarborough Fair (w/Urubamba)
10.The Boxer (w/Urbamba)
11.Mrs. Robinson
12.Feelinī Groovy
13.I Am A Rock
15.Mother And Child Reunion (w/Jessy Dixon Singers)
16.The Sound Of Silence (w/Jessy Dixon Singers)
17.What Do They Call Him (Jessy Dixon Singers)
18.Jesus Is The Answer (Jessy Dixon Singers)
19.Bridge Over Troubled Water (w/Jessy Dixon Singers)
20.Loves Me Like A Rock (w/Jessy Dixon Singers)
21.Bye Bye Love

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Urubamba - Guitar, Winds, Percussion,

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