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November 15, 1969 - USA / California
Long Beach - Long Beach Arena


1. Homeward bound
2. At the zoo
3. America
4. Feelinī groovy
5. Song for the asking
6. A poem on the underground wall
7. For Emily, whenever I may find her
8. Anji
9. Punkyīs dilemma
10. Scarborough fair
11. Mrs Robinson
12. Fakinī it
13. So long, Frank Lloyd Wright
14. The boxer
15. Why donīt you write me
16. That silver haired daddy of mine
17. Bridge over troubled water
18. The sounds of silence
19. Bye bye love
20. I am a rock
21. Old friends/Bookends

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Review by:
Mr Jones

From what one can make out off a low-quality audience recording, this was a very low-key affair. The backing musicians doesnīt join until Mrs Robinson, but do not play on The Boxer, Silence, I am a rock or Old friends. Bridge, of course, is piano backing only. A highlight of sorts would be Why donīt you write me, with its reggae beat. For Bye bye love, the audience is terribly off-tempo, though everybody seems to enjoy the performance a lot.