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November 01, 1969 - USA / Kansas
Wichita - State university / Henry Levitt Arena


-At The Zoo
-The 59th Street Bridge Song
-Song For The Asking
-A Poem On The Underground Wall
-For Emily,Whenever I May Find Her
-I am A Rock
-Scaborough Fair
-The Boxer
-Fakin´It (Incomplete)
-Why Don´t You Write Me
-So Long,Frank Lloyd Wright
-Silver Haired Daddy
-Cuba Si,Nixon No
-Bridge Over Troubled Water
-The Sound Of Silence
-Bye Bye Love

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Review by:

Garfunkel announced that they were going to sing a new song for the first time in a concert. It was ´Bridge Over Troubled Waters.´ I´ve always wondered if it was really the first time. So far I´ve found nothing to disprove it. A few years ago I met someone who had also attended the concert, and he vividly recalled Garfunkel´s assertion. It was the most beautiful, crystal-clear rendition I have ever heard. At the end of the concert Paul´s brother grabbed a guitar and sang along on ´Bye Bye Love.´

Review by:
Michael Kelting

As I recall Art said something like: ´This is a new song we have just recorded. We´ve never performed it in public. . .we hope you like it.´ This was pretty much confirmed to me about 25 years later by a work colleague who was at the concert as well. . .his memory of the event was pretty much the same as mine. On a CD of the Carbondale concert recorded a week after Wichita, he makes no such claim before performing the song.