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July 21, 2002 - Germany
Hamburg - Stadtpark


1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. Graceland
3. You´re The One
4. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
5. That Was Your Mother
6. Me And Julio Down By The School Yard
7. The Teacher
8. Spirit Voices
9. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
10. You Can Call Me Al
11. The Sound Of Silence
12. Homeward Bound
13. I Am A Rock
14. The Boy In The Bubble
15. The Coast
16. Late In The Evening

1th encore:
17. Hurricane Eye
18. Proof
19. Slip sliding away

2nd encore
20. Mrs. Robinson
21. The Boxer

3th encore
22. Loves Me Like A Rock

4th encore
23. Still Crazy after all these Years

exact 2 hours

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Vincent Nguini - Guitar
Bakithi Kumalo - Bass
Steve Gadd - Drums
Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Tony Cedras - Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars
Andy Snitzer - Saxophone, Synthesizer
Jay Ashby - Trombone, Percussion
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Alain Mallet - Keyboard, Accordion
Steve Shehan - Percussion
Jim Hynes - Trumpet
Harper Simon - Guitar

Fans who attended this show

Bodo Malo
Marko Breidung

Review by:

Es war wunderbar, erst der Dauerregen, dann das tolle Konzert, und ich in der allerersten Reihe.

Review by:

Me and Bodo went to the park where the concert should take place. I saw the buses which were parked nearly in front of the entry and we walked there. About an hour later two further buses arrived, it was raining rather heavily, and the musicians went out of the buses. We saw how Paul left the bus, he was surrounded by three security guys but not hidden under an umbrella (!). We didn´t ask him for autographs.

Other fans did but Paul just declined though he always looked what the people wanted to have signed. Jim and Jay recognized us, shook our hand and talked a few sentences with us, but were obviously in a hurry. But not Alain, he sat bored in the second bus and just stared in the rain... as in Kathy´s song.

We had to wait again more than an hour when it rain relly bad till we finally got in there. Bodo and I ran to the stage in order to get good places and so we managed to stand in front of
Vincent, our favorite place. But after around 50 people came in no further people were allowed to get in.
It seemed to become a very private concert ;) In the meantime Steve Shehan spoke with a girl from Berlin and Jim went up to the people in the first row in order to speak with them.

The weather improved and even the sun came out and the other people were allowed to go to the stage. The place slowly filled and from time to time you could see a musician.
Some of the musicians drank tea and wore warm clothes, I guess they had a cold. The musicians had no rehearsal this time, just Steve Shehan made a warm up.

The concert finally began when Bridge tuned up. Paul and the other musicians appeared. For the first time, Paul wore a red pullover (and a black T-shirt below), not just a T-shirt. The music of Bridge sounded a little bit strange, as if the musicians didn´t know what to play. I guess it was because they did not rehearse before. But Paul was perfect in tune, just the speakers were maybe too small for an open air.
The setlist was the same as usual, some songs had little change in solos (guitar). But in comparison to the other concerts, the band seemed to be tired, Vincent was about to sleep and also Bakhiti didn´t dance as lively as usual.

When 50 ways was played the sound became very bad, Paul´s voice couldn´t be heard anymore, just roraring, booming music. The technic finally failed completely, Paul made angy gestures to the sound engineers, he sang into the mic and it sounded terribly wrong, he lost control of his voice! But after this the sound improved.

During the following song, That was your mother Paul pointed at me, but I don´t think he recognized me. He just pointed at me cause I was dancing and on the left site.
Hurricane Eye was one of the songs with the greatest change of instruments, Jamey Haddad played an for me up this moment unknown instrument, he sat between Mark and Paul and played there for the first two verses. We first thought Paul would sing Love cause the Banjo of Mark sounded different and he had changed his part. But in order to compensate for not playing love the last part of Hurricane Eye was much stronger, louder and more powerful than usual.
As soon as Proof began two women next to me took their cell phones and showed them to Paul. He saw it but didn´t take them. He waited until the second verse, then he made a sign to throw them to him. But they didn´t throw the phones far enough, they landed on the gras in front of him and exactly to this moment he sang ´That´s not the deal we made, that´s not the deal we made´ and pointed at the phones. Now Bodo threw his one to him but it landed on the (hard) stage but was not broken and Paul took it. He held it close to Vincents quitar as he played his solo as if he would record his playing.
Then he collected the other ones, made his jokes with them, sang into them,
held them under his T-shirt and threw them back. But for the first time I saw it, Paul´s throw was bad. He didn´t reach the women, it also landed on the floor, Bodo´s even went open and the battery flew out..
Once as Paul went down to shake hands, he had to ´negotiate´ a rope that was fixed for the stage, he obviously didn´t see it and touched the rope with his head and nearly lost his cap - I guess he was really happy that he could keep with both hands on his head.

The last different played song was The Boxer, though it was no big change. But the drums of Steve Gadd were much louder, similar to the Simon & Garfunkel recording, also the trumpet and saxophone in other songs sounded much louder and sharper and they appeared more suddenly.
When Still crazy started we both were surprised because the setlist was shorter than usual, he didn´t play Kodachrome and The cool, cool river, and Love (we hopped for that song..). I thought that he may play those songs after Still crazy but he didn´t.
When the song ended as always he winked in the crowd and then made a comment about the weather, he said :´You made the sun came out, and let me came out, and I appreciated it

We left the place and headed for the buses but we arrived too late though. It didn´t took us more than 5 minutes to come out of the parc. But the buses left already, we just saw Mark and Steve Shehan going into the bus.

All in all the concert was a little bit disappointing for us, coz the concert was too short, the band very tired and we could only talk a few words with the band members. I wished I had seen a better concert cause it was my last one on this tour