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July 21, 1983 - Canada
Toronto - CNE

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Steve Gadd - Drums
Richard Tee - Piano, Vocals
Rob Sabino - Keyboards
Sid McGinnis - Guitars
Arlen Roth - Guitars
Airto Moreira - Percussion
Anthony Jackson - Bass

Fans who attended this show

Steven Peacock

Review by:
Terri Noonan

I was a new supervisor for the Toronto Transit Commission when Simon & Garfunkel came to Toronto in July, 1983. My job on the day of the concert was to take care of the inbound streetcar traffic and customers. I was in our streetcar loop, not too far away from the CNE Grandstand. It was a beautiful summer´s day - not a cloud in the sky, warm and memorable. I can still feel the warmth of the day, and the stillness of the air. I was setting up down at the loop, with a few hours to go before the crowds started to arrive.
I stood outside in the streetcar loop, enjoying the day. Because the air was so still, I could hear the sounds of the rehearsal wafting over to me from the stadium. The moment that stands out so completely is the piano strains from ´Bridge Over Troubled Water´ and the singing that followed it. There I was, alone in the loop, with no streetcar traffic, a seemingly frozen moment in time. On this spectacular day, Art Garfunkel was singing this song, and I felt as if it was a concert just for me. I have spoken about that day and those feelings - it is a priceless memory.