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March 20, 1967 - United Kingdom
Manchester - Free Trade Hall


A poem on the underground wall
I am a rock
The sounds of silence

These songs circulate from a low quality audience recording.

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Not so much a review as such, more a comment or query regarding the stated venue for the Manchester, UK, concert that the duo gave in the city in 1967.

Unless S&G appeared at more than one venue in Manchester that year (unlikely, I should imagine), then the stated venue of the Manchester Free Trade Hall is incorrect as being the location for their concert.

I, along with a friend, saw them perform on the stage of the Odeon cinema, Oxford Road, in the city.

My main recollection of the event was the playing by the pair of Mrs Robinson, which one of the performers informed the audience was to be their next single for release, and was the theme song from a soon-to-be-released feature film, ┬┤The Graduate┬┤.