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July 15, 2004 - United Kingdom
London - Hyde Park


1.Old friends
3.Hazy shade of winter
4.I am a rock
6.At the zoo - with a cunning link into:
7.Baby driver
8.Kathy’s song
9.Hey, Schoolgirl
10.Wake up, little Susie Everly Brothers
11.Dream Everly Brothers
12.Let it be me Everly Brothers
13.Bye-bye love E.B. with S&G
14.Scarborough Fair
15.Homeward Bound
16.Sound of silence
17.Feelin’ groovy (Recorded version on a video clip)
18.Mrs. Robinson (lead into by video clip of ´The Graduate´)
19.Slip slidin’ away
20.El Condor pasa
21.Keep the customers satisfied
22.Only living boy in New York
23.American tune
24.My little town
25.Bridge over troubled water
27.The boxer
28.The leaves that are green
29.Feelin’ groovy

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Rob Schwimmer - Keyboards, Theremin
Jim Keltner - Drums
Larry Saltzman - Guitar
Warren Bernhardt - Piano
Freddie Washington - Bass

Fans who attended this show

Sue Ridgway

Review by:
frazer hinder

im 25 and have seen 100s of bands over the years beging a very keen music fan.bands from bowie rod stewart paul macrtney down to all new uk music.i have loved simon and garefunkell music from hearing it as real youngester. what a night just me and my girlfriend the atmosphere was great loads of fans from all ages truly taken by to true genius what is simon and garefunkell i could not have chosen a better track if i done it my self i thought id never get to here them live i cant tell how good they were and a tear was shead when it was all over.truly one of the gretest moments of my life thanks for everything

Review by:

This was amazing. It was the first time I had ever been to an outdoor concert and it was like climbing into my TV when I am watching the Concert In Central Park.

The set did not differ much from the previous concerts in 2003 but the atmosphere of everyone dancing in the park was electric.

Simon and Garfunkel did not seem to interact as much as in previous concerts but the 2 1/2 hour long set was spot on. The set largely consisted of rocky numbers from their last two albums with just a sprinkling of ballads. So songs like At The Zoo, Hazy Shade of Winter, Baby Driver, Cecelia, Mrs Robinson and Keep The Customer Satisfied kept the 50,000 strong crowd dancing all night.

Paul Simon left the stage by saying ´See you when we´re 80´ - so here´s to 2022!

Review by:
Rick Baum

What an evening! I have been privileged to see Paul and Artie solo in the last few years, but I´m too young to have seen them together before now. It was worth the wait (and the price of a ticket...)!

A fabulous backing band and some delightful arrangements. My highlights were definitely Artie´s beautiful version of Kathy´s Song, Paul´s similarly emotional take of ´The Only Living Boy...´ and the rockin´ ´Mrs Robinson.´

It was a shame that the early songs were played to an arena still filling up (as Artie said, ´it was probably the damn congestion charge making everyone late!´). Once everyone had arrived though, and the rockier numbers started, it moved from a showcase of politefully-received standards, to an evening that verged on the magical. It was lovely to see so many people of all ages jumping up and down (I noticed the English pop star Will Young bopping about next to a lady that could have been his grandma!) and singing along.

I had read that Paul had seemed a litle distant during the tour, but I didn´t think so. He seemed pretty cheery and relaxed, happy to be there. Artie stole the show though, he seemed genuinely delighted to be back in London, ´his second home.´ The Everley´s were great as well, although all too brief.

I have been to many concerts in the past, seen some superstars and some great shows, but I´ve never been anywhere that has been so emotionally affecting as this gig. For me, it transcended music, it was just beautiful. If it wasn´t so damn expensive to fly there, I´d be in Rome on the 31st in a second! All the way home on the tube and then the train, there were groups of people singing along to ´Feelin´ Groovy.´ A wonderful evening, and the weather held out too!

Seeing those two men, old and dear friends to each other, and old and dear friends to everyone in the crowd, was a privilege that I fear may never come our way again. I am glad I was there to see it.

Thank you Paul and Artie!

Review by:
Scott Ellis

This was the first time I have ever seen S & G and also the first time I have seen any of them live. It was amazing to witness such beautiful music first hand. Kathy´s Song was just amazing and Mrs Robinson was what I have waited 20 years for. Also the way they sang I Am A Rock was stunning.
3 gripes mind you. Firstly when it states 8PM on the ticket, please turn up on time. It seems insane that anyone who has paid that much for a seat can´t even be bothered to turn up on time and misses the first 45 minutes. Secondly Hyde Park is just too big a venue for their music I´m afraid. Fine for certain bands but a smaller venue would have been better. Thirdly-mobile phones!! ban them!

Review by:
John Whapshott

Amazing! Paul can fill a decent-sized hall on his own; Art on his own can fill a reasonably-sized room. Put them together, and you get 50,000 people in Hyde Park! To be honest there didn´t seem to be much of a rapport between them - very different from the 1981 concert in Central Park, for example. But never mind - there they were! I didn´t rate the band much, except for the enlarged Mark Stewart. Was it really Jim Keltner on drums? I was worried about some of the timing, especially on songs like America. Hey, but who cares! It was S&G, probably for the last time. For 2 wonderful hours they sang everything we´ve come to know and love, and Art can still get that top A flat at the end of BOTW. And Art was right in saying that American Tune could have been written last week. ´The statue of Liberty, sailing away to sea..´ That says it all! I knew what they were going to say between songs, as I´d read all the concert reviews. But right at the end, Paul introduced Leaves That Are Green (a brilliantly simple song) by saying ´This is an early one.´ Then he smiled to himself as he realised what he´d said and added: ´In fact, they all are.´ But their songs, like Simon and Garfunkel, will never grow old. See you when you´re eighty!

Review by:
lee moore

being only 18 years old at the time this was my first simon garfunkel concert praying for so long that they would do a concert for me to see with me being so young and with them getting older i didnt think this could be but it was i took my partner with me who was pregnant at the time which made this extra special i couldnt ask for any thing better but it was when i heard them to magnificent voices intertwind and pauls playing was like id never heard before it was brilliant and the excitment of the crowd made this concert extra special the emotion and overwelming power of thire voices paul with the beuitiful overwelming of his voice and art with his soft voice just made this one of concert spectacular

Review by:
Michael Davey

With the sun shining, and about to set over the wonderful Hyde Park (where they say you can wonder after dark), the only thing higher than my spirits as I gazed upon the 60ft high stage was the overhead camera.
Being not just my first S&G concert, but my first concert ever (I´ve been saving myself), I was excited, so much so that I ended up buying three T-shirts. Accompanied by my friends - Kevin, Alistair and Joe ´“ I was ready for this, the moment I´d been waiting for my entire life.
They came onto the stage and were greeted by applause befitting their musical talent. The egg and the clown as we sometimes affectionately refer to them (try to guess why!). I took the initiative and wrote down the list (as above). I had in my bag a fold-stool, but dared not use it, on pain of removal from the concert.
We enjoyed the every song, we knew the words to each and every song, despite being one of the youngest groups there. And being something of a singer, as the evening drew on I found my self improvising harmonies at pitches that even Artie would be proud of! We did not purchase any alcohol: we did not need it, as I later coined it: ´we were drunk on the atmosphere´. Myself and Kevin worked well, assigning the different parts of singing between us, as soon as we recognised each song. I even heard someone over my left shoulder saying: ´˜those boys are fantastic´. But enough about us´¦
In between songs we shouted out the songs that we wanted to hear, from the entire range. Many people around us did not know these songs and so just stared at us. Those who were decent enough fans, however, recognised the names such as ´˜Richard Cory´, and ´˜Punky´s dilemma´, and enjoyed our shouting out our entire collective S&G song repertoir. However, we knew our efforts were in vain, owing to the fact that we were a good five throws of a stone away from the stage. This did not dishearten us, as the many big screens projected 10ft tall images of our idols ´“ or 7ft if it was Paul.
During a short two or three minute break, the crowd settled down, but we just clapped and jumped up and down reling out yet more names of songs! My hands and forearms were red the next day.
At the end of the concert we had to rush out, because we had a 3.1/2 coach trip ahead, and ours would be the last one out of London. So we wandered, ´˜neath the halos of the street lamps, watching their power flowing, and singing the many songs that had not been sung at the concert.

Humorous occurences:

On the coach trip we came up with many S&G song related puns, the best of which are:

I sang ´˜Cloudy´ as we passed an Audi garage
I sang Blessed, as we passed a store selling plant pots (´¦blessed are the meth drinkers, pot sellers, illussion dwellers´¦)

There were many more cheap ones´¦