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July 28, 2004 - Germany
Munich - Olympiastadion


01. Introduction
02. Old Friends/Bookends Theme
03. Hazy Shade Of Winter
04. I Am A Rock
05. America
06. At The Zoo / Baby Driver
07. Kathy´s Song
08. Story of Simon and Garfunkel
09. Hey, Schoolgirl
10. Wake Up Little Suzie/Everly Brothers*
11. All I Have To Do Is Dream
12. Let It Be Me 13. Bye Bye Love
14. Scarborough Fair
15. Homeward Bound
16. The Sound Of Silence

02.Mrs. Robinson
03. Slip Slidin´ Away
04. El Condor Pasa ( If I Could )
05. Keep The Customer Satisfied
06. The Only Living Boy In New York
07. American Tune
08. My Little Town
09. Bridge Over Troubled Water
10. Applause
11. Cecilia
12. The Boxer
13. The Leaves That Are Green
14. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin´ Groovy)

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Rob Schwimmer - Keyboards, Theremin
Jim Keltner - Drums
Larry Saltzman - Guitar
Warren Bernhardt - Piano
Freddie Washington - Bass

Fans who attended this show

Marko Breidung
Jan Wanders

Review by:

Okay, so here we go again. Probably my last review of a Simon AND Garfunkel concert!

The show started late, as usual. This time a thirty minute delay. This was needed, because even a ahlf hour after the start people were still trying to find their seats.

The audience was very appreciative, giving a standing ovation as the Pair came on stage and applauding wildy after the hits. Biggest cheers of the evening was during SOS which literely raised the roof! Fantastic.

Art was obviously very impressed which the location, the Olympic Stadium, and the lighting was fantastic. Clearly a lot of effort had gone into the positioning of the lights, and some of the big screen shots were breathtaking! Add to this that the weather was perfect, over 20 degrees celcius, not a cloud in the sky and a three quarter moon overlooking the stage....brilliant. The only downside was again the rather poor sound. At times the echo was so bad, especially during narrative, that at the end of a short sentance you could here the begining of it. Thus it took Paul ages to tell the ´We started arguing 48 years ago´ story, waiting for the two sound to travel to the opposite side of the stadium.

THe crowd had obviously been taking lessons from the New York audiences......many seemed incapable of going for two hours without the need for refreshments!

Musically there was no change from the other concerts. Set list the same. Art spoke only a little german this time round, wiht only the odd word or phrase here and there. He obviously got the countries mixed up once or twice, as instead of saying Dankeschön, the german for ´Thank You´ he chose to use the dutch ´Dank je wel´. Must have been some joint he smoked in Amsterdam to burn the dutch language so colourfully into his memories!

Paul introduced the Alice in Wonderland story as per the USA concerts, and missing in the KölnArena. He seems to take on a more homosexual pose everytime he tells the story. He seemed very camp during this rendition.

Both their voices held up well, Arts´ breaking a little during Bridge where he had to change key, but then we´re used to that! Paul rescued him well.

Paul looked to be having a fantastic time, smiling a lot and seeming genuinely greatfull and appreciative of the crowd. When saying ´Slip Slidin´ Away was not a Simon And GArfunkel song..........but it should of been!´ he seemed very genuine. Then again at times it seemed that he could hardly bare to be anywhere near Art. Art often wanted to hug Paul, but mostly Paul pushed him away. Still they manged a cuddle at the end!

I was lucky enough to be sitting very near the front, and at the aisle. The crowed were allowed to ´rush the stage´ before the first encore, so I was lucky enough to get ´pole postion´, right in front of the couple. Unbelievable. To stand only three meters away from them (there was a ´moat´ seperating the stage from the arena) and to see them together was so good.

It was good to see so many faces in the crowed that were familiar. Nicole and Mandy, Rosi, Katrin et al. A truely wonderful night, made better by the ´security´s´ complete disregard for any ´camera´ rules. Hence everybody could take as many pictures and videos as their cameras would allow. Perfect.

After seeing this show for the fifth time, in the third location this autour is happy to say this was the best of all the concerts. (Including the three in Madison Square Garden!). I leave you with the immortal words of Ed Koch......Ladies and Gentlemen.....Simon, And Garfunkel.

Review by:
Stephan Herrmueller

It was a cloudy day-then the sun came out-and it became a wonderful night in Munich,Germany

My father and I were approaching the Munich Olympic Stadium and there were so many people wairing-the traffic in the center of munich collapsed and everybody was waiting for...well....SIMON AND GARFUNKEL.....they came late..30minutes!!!...then they were brought by two vans with dark windows-driving in the stadium-then the little history film started-and suddenly---------..´old friends...sat on their parkbench like...´ they starded singing...i could not believe it it was the most exciting moment in my history----they made an excellent concert....BEST 5 PERFORMENCES.1. leaves that are green 2.bridge over..3.the only living boy in NY 4.America 5. byebyelove

let us thank the police department, the fire department, the park commisioner-and ED Koch..