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June 11, 2004 - USA / Connecticut
Uncasville - Mohegan Sun Arena

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Rob Schwimmer - Keyboards, Theremin
Jim Keltner - Drums
Larry Saltzman - Guitar
Warren Bernhardt - Piano
Freddie Washington - Bass

Fans who attended this show


Review by:
Chris L.

I´ve paid upwards of five hundred dollars to see S & G this year. I saw them twice and do not mind paying the money, they were worth it. Mohegan is a small arena, and it wasn´t quite packed like the first time round in November, although the crowd was much more receptive this time. The show started late, forty minutes, but when it did start, the place shook. The set list was exactly the same, with most of the same banter. Paul was much more whitty this time and Garfunkel was his usual charming self. Paul and Art were both in great form to sing. The only problem was there was a lot of feedback, and all night Paul´s monitor kept going in and out, so he kept gesturing to the monitor engineer on house left. Garfunkel´s wife was in the audience, he dedicated Kathy´s Song to her and she stood up and waved to him. My Little Town had more percussion in it, which made it even better. Pino Palidino (bass) was not there. Freddy Washington was there instead, and he too had sound problems and monitor problems. I think Pino is on tour with someone else now. Also Jim Keltner was late in the intro to I Am A Rock. Paul gave him a look. Don and Phil were in great voice also. All in all it was a fantastic show and the crowd was really loud.

Review by:

Despite a few glitches, this show was actually better than last year´s show. In addition to the feedback, I thought the key change between verses 2 and 3 of Bridge (presumably so Art can hit the high note) was not too smooth. However, I think Paul was really into the music and his playing was really excellent. And they did seem to appreciate the crowd´s enthusiasm.

The afternoon before the show, Paul and I were the only ones working out in the hotel gym. He had nobody with him at all, so I got a chance to talk with him at length. He was very friendly. Among other things he said his new album is only half-done, so it will be some time before it is finished.