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October 22, 2003 - USA / Ohio
Columbus - Schottenstein Center


01 Old Friends/Bookends Theme
02 I Am A Rock
03 Hazy Shade Of Winter
04 America
05 At The Zoo
06 Baby Driver
07 Kathy´s Song (Art lead vocal)
08 Hey Schoolgirl (snippet)

Everly´s set:
09 Wake Up Little Susie
10 All I Have To Do Is Dream
11 Let It Be Me
12 Bye Bye Love (w/ S&G)

13 Scarborough Fair
14 Homeward Bound
15 The Sound Of Silence
16 Mrs. Robinson
17 Slip Slidin´ Away
18 El Condor Pasa
19 Keep The Customer Satisfied
20 The Only Living Boy In New York
21 American Tune
22 My Little Town
23 Bridge Over Troubled Water

24 Cecilia
25 The Boxer

26 Leaves That Are Green
27 The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin´ Groovy)

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Rob Schwimmer - Keyboards, Theremin
Jim Keltner - Drums
Pino Palladino - Bass
Larry Saltzman - Guitar
Warren Bernhardt - Piano

Fans who attended this show

Chris Stern
Joan Conroy Steven

Review by:

I traveled from Pittsburgh to Columbus to see the show. And I was on time and didn´t leave early!

I very much enjoyed the show. They sounded great (as noted above, after a couple songs...). Art was effusive with praise for Paul´s songs (Kathy the best love song, America = Paul´s most thoughtful lyrics). Paul was his usual rather quiet and usually non- smiling self.

Art tripped over the beginnings of at least 2 (maybe 3) songs. Maybe he´s somehow dyslexic that way??

I really enjoyed the Everly Brothers and most of the crowd seemed surprised by that appearance.

I was sorry not to hear Kathy´s Song sung by Paul. The closest he came to singing a song totally alone was The Only Living Boy in NY.

I only have about a ton of other songs I´d like to have heard, but... it was fun to hear things like Baby Driver and Hazy Shade of Winter. And I really like the way they (Paul previously did the same alone on the You´re the One Tour) sang I Am a Rock.

I would have liked to have heard the ´after changes upon changes´ verse for The Boxer. I wondered why they used the word ´song´ instead of ´poem´ in Leaves That Are Brown.´ And I don´t THINK they sang the different
words/verse during that one part of Scarborough Fair.

I thought Paul did a great job on the 2nd verse of BOTW, but Artie hit it near perfection with the ending and the crowd jumped to its feet. People can´t seem to help themselves; they love Art´s voice. Though I personally prefer Paul´s voice...

A lovely night. AND we stayed nearby, thereby avoiding all parking and traffic problems, coming and going. I will definitely do that next time I go out of town to a concert.


Review by:

Title: S&G Concert
I saw the concert in Columbus, Ohio on 10/22...It was such a wonderful, mesmerizing experience...a happening, really...every seat seemed to be filled in the arena that held over 15,000 people....I had a floor seat, one section back from the stage, for $125 with a good view of the stage...There was a slide presentation of them at the beginning of the concert on a big screen TV....then the two came out to the tune ´Old Friends´...Artie had on a white shirt and black vest...his hair was vibrant reddish...Paul wore a t shirt and had his guitar...no hat....No cameras were allowed in the arena, so I have no pictures, but there is a good site to read reviews of the concerts in the different cities.....and some pictures with some of the reviews....Go to www.simonandgarfunkel.com
Click on Tour Dates and ticket info...
there are several reviews that you can click on and read to the right of the tour dates that have already happened......The set they are using has been standard from city to city....and the reviews read much the same....Paul sounded absolutely wonderful...and the two harmonized just like the old days...took my breath away with that familiar harmonizing sound...Artie´s voice sounded a bit strained...almost hoarse at times.....but he was wonderful on ´Bridge over Troubled Water´.....they were accompanied by a 7 piece band....the Everly brothers also performed three songs and then the 4 of them sang together...the concerts are mostly all sold out....If they were playing anywhere near me, I would see them again this tour.....and pay the private seller price....Do read the reviews on the site mentioned above.....At the concert,I bought a faded red t shirt with a picture of S&G on the front and ´Old Friends´ on the back for $45...and an embroidered tote bag Old Friends Simon and Garfunkel the 2003 concert tour for $30...I have been a fan of S&G from the beginning.....bought all their records in the 60´s......This was the first time I saw them perform together...I hope not the last....I have been to two PS concerts...1991...and 2001...