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August 02, 1999 - USA / New York
Montauk - Back at the Ranch

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It was a perfect day. Unfortunately it takes me 4 1/2 hours to get there. It is a perfect venue to see Paul simon. He is surrounded by friends and family. The doors were suppossed to open at 1pm. I got there 12:45 and they were already letting folks in. I was able to get front row seats ( I had vip tix).In past years, Pauls son Harper did a set with his band?, but there was only canned music this year.Edie Brickell and her band went on first around 3:30. I have to say i don´t really like her voice, so I don´t know her material well. I only recognized one song (what i am?????)she had 2 guitarists and a drummer with her. when she introduced them, she had a southern accent. then Lyle Lovett came on. He had a BIG back up with him, horns back up harmonizers the whole works. I had never known this guys stuff, so I went into my local B & N to hear his new live cd b4 the show. ´Country´ is a bad rap for him. He is fabulous!!!!!

I have to go out and get his cd´s now. He did several songs from the new cd and everything sounded wonderful. If there are any Lovett fans that want to know more about his set, email me. after probably a 30 min intermission for pauls set up,Jimmy Buffet came out with his guitar. he did 3 songs, one song he clearly changed the lyrics to incorporate the names of Long Island towns. He closed with Margariteville (the only one i knew) Paul came out shortly after that. He was very loose, clearly enjoying himself, grinning broadly throughout most of the set. the crowd was great, basically not sitting at all. he did the usual set until cool cool river. In Boy in the Bubble he emphasized the line ´camera spies on us´.After Cool, Ladysmith Black Mombazo came out and did a beautiful ´Homeless´. Paul and Joseph embraced and you could see the good feelings between them, after that they did Diamonds. it was wonderful. for an encore Paul did Late in the evening and then ´The Boxer. I have to admit it was after 8pm by then, so i did something I´ve never done b4- I left ´early´. so I am not sure if PAul came out again. I´ll speak to a friend I was with later today and find out for sure. Other observations,on Mrs Robinson Paul sang the ´gugugachoo´s. On You can call me al. Paul was using his chest as a drum and beating on it ryhthemically.

When he introduced Trailways Bus, he clearly saw that there were ladies in the front row wearing Capeman tshirts (not me) so he said, I see there are some Capeman fans here today. he was really interacting with the crowd up front, clearly knew most of the folks. It was a day I´ll long remember. Yes, 41/2 hours back home.