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March 06, 2014 - USA / New York
New York - Madison Square Garden

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I saw the second New York show last night. It was excellent. The set list seemed identical to me. Paul make a joke about Sting playing ´a hometown concert´ and then started into his line about becoming an Adonis, but he caught himself and said, ´Since I said this on Tuesday, I suppose it does not seem very spontaneous.´ He didn´t quite seem to know what to say instead, so he paused, then stopped and the audience laughed politely. (I guess he was assuming there were a large number of repeats in the audience.)

Later in the show, he reacted to someone in the crowd; ´Lou Reed? A cool guy. I miss him.´ Then he went on to start the next song. The Garden appeared filled to me, with seats filled to the rafters. An older crowd, mostly folks like me -- white, 55, grey hair or bald. (I am grey, my pal who went with me is bald.) My only complaint is that this venue is too large for the ballads to really work. During the quiet numbers there is a hum simply because of all the people. The program is well done and they had some nice merchandise that seemed to be selling quite well.

I enjoyed the show, although not knowing too many Sting songs, he sang 3 or 4 that meant nothing to me. Still, it was worth my 1600 mile trip here (3200 if you consider the return trip) from the beautiful Virgin Islands to the COLD New York City to see the concert. So that´s my review.