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November 01, 2000 - France
Paris - Olympia


Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
You Can Call Me Al
Youīre The One
The Boy In The Bubble
Pledging My Love
The Late, Great Johnny Ace
Late In The Evening
The Teacher (twice)
Anji (per Nicolasī request)
Old Friends/Bookends
Homeward Bound
I Am A Rock (twice)
Thatīs Where I Belong
Bridge Over Troubled Water
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

The band (not all members are present at all shows)

Vincent Nguini - Guitar
Bakithi Kumalo - Bass
Steve Gadd - Drums
Mark Stewart - Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments
Tony Cedras - Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars
Andy Snitzer - Saxophone, Synthesizer
Jay Ashby - Trombone, Percussion
Jamey Haddad - Percussion
Alain Mallet - Keyboard, Accordion
Steve Shehan - Percussion
Evan Ziporyn - Clarinet, Saxophone
Harper Simon - Guitar

Fans who attended this show

Rob Van Vuuren

Review by:
Nicolas Trokiner

- posted on alt.music.paul-simon -

Simon Murgatroyd was absolutely right when he told one day that they maybe kept this 3rd date to finish the work of the filmed concert. The day was today, the hour was noon and the place was Olympia. We were maybe 70 people (no more ) which means around 4 complete rows. They were late so they gave us food and drink. Around 1:30pm we got in and the musicians were here. Paul was giving interviews. They wanted to begin without him (with īDiamonds...ī) but they werenīt able so they waited for him.

He arrived at 3pm and the īconcertī lasted 2 hours. Paul was really cool and not shy at all. He gave orders, he received orders to/from the production.

They said ī50 waysī was the last one so afterward, I threw him a T-shirt īAMPSī in the front, īalt.music.paul-simonī in the back, and īHimselfī on the heart (instead of īPaul Simonī). He jumped to catch it then came toward me (I was on second row, central seat) to thank me. Of course everybody was
going to see him but I was the first, went on front row, and told him... What the hell did I tell him at this moment? Anyway he seated and gave us time. I told him I was from the NG, asked if he knew it: he said yes and that he was going to visit it soon. I asked him to sign my īgreatest hits etc...ī CD. I took pictures with him, told the Capeman was fantastic (I wore the T-shirt). He told me it was in England last month (I said īyes, in Manchesterī) and when I asked if he was going to play it again, he said yes, in few months but a different cast (īwe wonīt have such a cast anymoreī did he say). Like McD (Mel Pearce) told him in London I said: īdonīt leave us so many years without any album, we love what you doī, he said OK and thanked me.

It was incredible: he had time for everybody, he signed, made pics, kissed the girls, talked...

I had my Martin guitar OM-42PS with me. Alain Mallet told me before he was going to help me to make Paul signed it. By the way, Alain thank you for you kindness: youīre the kindest of the band. He helped me for the guitar, said me goodbye and told me īsee you in NYCī etc... Thanks!!! So: at the end I asked Paul to sign the case and he answered ībetter to sign the guitar...ī I was a bit afraid but agreed. He wrote īNicolasī and signed below. He told me I could sell it without problem now and refund myself more
than twice! He said īletīs see how it soundī so I said īyes, play Anjiī. He began to play Anji on MY guitar. Everybody was looking and clapped. We made pics together...Then I took it and played Anji too. The audience told me īhey! Youīre not the only one, we want autographsī. I was in Eden park and f* them all (sorry)! Paul didnīt really know many were made: I said ī223ī (info I had from Chris) Paul had to go; I thanked him again and told him that Iīll be in NYC.


Review by:
Jorn Houtsman

- from alt.music.paul-simon -

This is my very first posting in this newsgroup because I hadnīt heard of it until last monday. My name is Jorn Houtsma, and Iīm from the Netherlands. This was my very first Paul Simon concert: one Iīve been waiting for for about 8 years. Now I finally had the chance to go see him in Paris (which means I finally had the money and the time), after having been a fan for about 13 years (Iīm 22 right now). I have only a few words for the concert of monday: great is one of them. I havenīt many more words to describe it. I had the time of my life. But off course, the big surprise came afterwards when we could sign up for
the extra concert on wednesday. I decided quickly enough that this would be well worth staying two extra days in Paris for (as if you need many reasons for that).

And it was..... I wonīt bother you guys with many more storys on how it went on (I think youīve heard much of it right now) but I can only say that I had never in my life expected to get so close to the man. I still have to wait for my two feet to touch the ground.

So, Nicolas, have you returned to earth yet, or are you still in musical heaven because of your signed guitar? Let me know if the foto of you and Paul that I took for you worked out!
Well, got to go now!! Take care you all, youīll be hearing from me