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2021 New York CP Concert: Paul will perform at Post-Covid Show!

from Bodo, 2021-07-01

These news will probably be the best news since, well maybe the announcement of the 25th celebration of Graceland 2012 tour.

Clive Davis brought together Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon among 6 other stars to perform at Central Park in New York on August 21 - as a re-open concert after Covid.

Also Pathi Smith and Jennifer Hudson may be on the list.

It will be a 3 hour show and up to 60.000 people are allowed. (I assume that you will have to ask for a free permission ticket somewhere on the web or its a lottery, so they can control the crowd
thats just an idea)

The concert will be broadcasted on CNN which is also one of the main sponsors


3 hour show with 8 stars maybe could mean each star just has a set of 20-25 minutes and they will do a few duets and joint songs at the end.
Still amazing to have our Paul back on stage with many other stars.
Who will book a flight now?

What do you mean?
Erwin:Paul Simon and the Killers will headline...
Erwin:This link should work.. https://nypost....
Erwin:There will be four free concerts https...

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