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Speaking with Art Garfunkel 04/08/2005 Chicago Suntimes

Q. Once and all, do you and Paul Simon get along ?

A. I fell for Paul Simon in the sixth grade. He was a live wire, the funniest guy. We became best friends. Smoked our first cigarettes together. Our mutual respect is more than you realize. Of course, there are times when we don't mesh, and there are times when we mesh extraordinary well.Taking the low road I suppose appeal to journalists more than taking the high road.

Q. Parting ways, you're saying you guys were pals ?

A. I think we were may less neurotic than the average person. It's quite natural to have a camaraderie and harmony and then follow it with seperate interests. That's very natural progresion, isn't it ?

Q. So, the recent Old Friends World Tour was a positive experience ?

A. When we get together, it's much sweeter than you know. The tour was spiritual -on stage and backstage. There was intense cooperation.It was shockingly full of love among muscians, among Paul and Artie. We had the same laughs, the same Lenny Bruce bits. The same sweetness of treating each other as a family.

Q. Simon and Garfunkel helped define an era in American pop culture. Who's defining us today ?

A. That's really for kids to say isn't it ? Personnaly I would tend to lean toward John Mayer. There's something about his lyrics. They actually say something. They don't stain our consciences like the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel may have done in the 1960s but they say something.

Q. What's the benefit of the down time from long tours like "Old Friends" ?

A. if you do a real long tour, you become a zombie. But if you don't, it's not a seamy life at all because I turn into a solo concert perfomer with a four-piece band. Life on the long road to me is room service and protecting your voice for the next show.

Q. What's your guilty pleasure ?

A. There's a motorcycle shop outside Nice, and I fly over now and then I jump on a bike and go up into the Alps for a journey.

Miriam Di Nunzio

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