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The Stars Come Out to Cheer ´Mazel Tov´....September 5, 1983 People Magazine

People Weekly, Sept 5, 1983 v20 p30(2)
The stars come out to cheer "Mazel tov" as Carrie Fisher weds her pop prince Paul Simon.

If there are 50 ways to leave your lover, as Paul Simon sings, then he and Carrie (Princess Leia) Fisher must have used up quite a few in their five turbulent years together. Indeed, only weeks ago, Carrie cited "incompatibility" to explain their springtime split-up, saying, "Maybe we're not good roommates, but I love Paul." It sure seemed the introspective New York intellectual Simon, 41, and Fisher, 26, the Hollywood-brat extrovert with the "high-velocity verbiage," were slip-slidin' away from each other.

Then two weeks ago they stunned--and delighted--family and friends, and all of popdom when they tied the knot in Simon's immense Central Park duplex, an unscheduled stop on his tour itinerary with old friend Art Garfunkel. A select guest list included Randy Newman, Charles Grodin, Lorne Michaels, George Lucas, Kevin Kline, Teri Garr, Christie Brinkley and date Billy Joel (who jammed on piano with Paul's 10-year-old son, Harper Simon, wailing his three-chord heart out on an acoustic). Their decision to take the plunge ended a real cliff-hanger of the heart. Said a relieved bride at her party: "Let's just say we've had a stormy romance, and the storm's finally over."

Perhaps fittingly, the "honeymoon" began the next day with a flight into Houston and the path of Hurricane Alicia. (Simon's planned concert was KO'd by the storm.) At Oakland Coliseum, Carrie walked onstage before an estimated 30,000 S&G fans. "I'd like to thank you all," she cracked, "for joining us on our honeymoon. We couldn't have done it without you."

If the wedding was a bridge over the troubled waters of their up/down, on/off, bicoastal relationship, last week briefly seemed like Return of the Redeye. Simon flew north for a Vancouver concert, and Carrie flew to her oneroom log cabin in L.A., where she'll soon begin work as Thumbelina for pal Shelley Duvall's series of fairy tales for Showtime. It was, ironically, Duvall who, after her own two-year relationship with Simon ended, introduced them in 1978 at the L.A. Film Critics Awards. Not even Duvall could have guessd they'd be still crazy--about each other--after all these years.

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