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Muscle Shoals, Alabama: History for Sale January 26, 2004 Alabama

Following up from my last entry, I've had a few minutes to drive around and search out the old and new Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. The old one, at 3614 Jackson Highway, is on a route I've taken many times. I just never knew that the unassuming little brick storefront was THE original studio. On my lunch break today, I took my coffee and apple and went down Alabama Avenue to the river front. And there it was, the newer Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. At least it was still there. But had it sold yet?
Back at City Hall, I ran into the extremely approachable and affable Mayor of Sheffield, and he had the answer to the question: it's still up for sale. I can't for the life of me imagine why some of the industry greats who made their biggest hits here would not want to preserve this big chunk of music history. Maybe they don't know. So...Mick Jagger? Gregg Allman? Roberta Flack? Cher? Paul Simon? Each of yall kick in $100K, and we've got ourselves a recording studio. Donate it, write it off, whatever, but don't let them turn it into condos. Sheesh.

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