The neck of my Guitar
Simon learns new tricks-21/11/1980 Vancouver Free Press

´...our first album royalty as Simon and Garfunkel was 25 Cent split 50/50. Even up to the time of Bridge over troubled water we only made 50 Cent. Those were fair rates at the time, but now royalty rates are about 1,50 Dollars...´

´Do you think it will be another 5 years before your next album?´

´Definitely not. I had to write the screenplay. I hope to have the next album maybe as soon as next spring, because I have material that I wrote for the movie that I didn`t use.´

´How can you afford to take the band that you have on the road?´

´I`m playing ten weeks on this tour and virtually every date is sold out. And I`m going to run a deficit of over 400.000,- $ The only way I can even approximate getting that money back is to go make a Home Box Office taping for pay-TV of the thing, which is still going to leave me about 250.000,- in the red on the tour.

5 years ago when I toured I broke even. I never made money on a tour since S&G. Just two voices and one guitar always made money.´

´But you`ve always had excellent musicians backing you up.´

´I can`t bear the thought of not going out with guys who play great.´

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