The neck of my Guitar
Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, 1979 Rolling Stone

This famous recording place was closed meanwhile one or two years ago.--

´The rhythm section played on and/or produced nearly 40 albums in 1978. This year, they will probably exceed that...-

David Hood: ´For a short time, you have to become another person. When we`re playing with Paul Simon f.e., we`re Paul Simon`s band.´...-

Paul Simon booked studio time there in 1973 for ´There goes rhymin`Simon´; he expected to record one or two tracks, and ended up recording six songs in three days.

The Simon sessions marked a turning point for the Rhythm Section. ´We were a little nervous, we`d never played in that style.´ Before Simon arrived at the studio, they listened to all his old albums and became familiar with his sound.

´And it worked, he even asked us to sing with him.´

Their success with Simon earned them a reputation in Rock, and soon such artists like Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones were knocking on their studios door. Currently, both 24-track studios are booked up four months in advance.

(Barry Beckett (Sax), David Hood (bass), Jimmy Johnson (rhythm guitar), Roger Hawkins (drums)

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