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Crew bet on a tour disaster contactmusic.com

The crew hired to tour with the reunited SIMON + GARFUNKEL are betting among themselves which American city will be home to the star pair's first bust-up.

There's a history of bad feelings among the SOUNDS OF SILENCE duo, who were estranged for years before teaming up to perform at the GRAMMY Awards earlier this year (03).

And, as the duo's upcoming North American tour begins selling out in the opening week of ticket sales, their sound and lighting technicians aren't convinced the pair can remain on friendly terms.

One says, "The rehearsals have the most paranoid, cold atmosphere you can imagine. The crew has already started a death pool, betting on which city the duo will fall apart, possibly threatening the tour.

"Simon and Garfunkel can't stand to be in the same room with each other, much less have to take the stage together every night well into 2004."

However, the duo themselves insist they've put aside their differences.

ART GARFUNKEL says, "We got older and put all that behind us."

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