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Extracts from ´Sounds´ May 1973 ´Sounds´ May 12 and 19 in 1973

´Paul Simon is playing an extra date at the Royal Albert Hall on June 8, 1973. The tickets for the June 7 concert were sold within hours. This is his first solo-appearance in Europe (well, we know, as a star), he flies specially to London after the end of his current American tour, culminating in three concerts at Carnegie Hall on June 1, 2 and 3. Ticket prices for London are Pounds 3, 2, 1,50, 1 and 50 pennies.´

Interesting the fact wrote in this paper, that in 1972 Americans spent 2 Billion Dollars for records and 150 Million Dollars for concert-tickets (this might be the amount collected in Las Vegas in one year now).

Extracts from an interview with Simon in this paper:

´Did you work with Roy Halee on this album?´

´No, only one cut, ´Tenderness´. It`s just that there is less emphasis on engineering and more on music. More accent on vocals than in the past.´

´You were in England in the early sixties.´

´Yes, it was definitely influential. My London songs were Blessed, A most peculiar man, A poem on the underground wall, Richard Corey, Pattern was written partly in London and partly in Nice. Homeward Bound, I wrote in Liverpool when bound to London and thinking of London. Kathy`s Song was written in New York but it`s about London.´

´Would you want to become involved in another movie score like the Graduate?´

´Yes, I think so, if something interesting came up.´

´You said there is too many albums on the market, is this one reason why there have been long gaps between your albums?´

´No. This album is fifteen months after my last and that`s pretty fast if you write all ten or eleven songs alone and record them in the best way. For a band with several writers and musicians it is much easier.´

´What do you think of the state of Broadway - they don`t have any super musicals like they used to?´

´It is because they don`t have any super writers. The best writers of popular music never wrote for the stage.´

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