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Paul Simon Teams Up with Eno on New Newsday

Thu, Mar. 30, 2006

Paul Simon´s newest album, ´Surprise,´ might raise a few eyebrows among fans.

The first album by the singer-songwriter since 2000´s ´You´re the One´ comes out May 9 on Warner Bros., and one surprise is that Simon co-produced it with the legendary Brian Eno.

Eno´s production credits include ground-breaking albums by avant-garde artists such as Devo and David Bowie, but also U2´s commercial blockbusters ´The Joshua Tree´ and ´Achtung Baby.´

And, like Simon, Eno was an early adopter of world music.

But word has it that ´Surprise´ is more of a straight-ahead rock record.

In fact, Simon reportedly trades his trusty acoustic guitar for an electric model on many tracks. Song titles include ´Wartime Prayers,´ ´Once Upon a Time There Was an Ocean´ and ´Father and Daughter.´

Simon plays this year´s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on May 7 and appears on ´Saturday Night Live´ May 13. Summer and fall tour dates have yet to be announced.

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