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I have been a die-hard ps fan since i was 12 (from 1976). i have seen 6 concerts before and loved them all. yesterday i saw him for the 7th time, in oslo. it was like being spitted in my face. after the 1st hr with ps songs, rather mediocre set and not perfect sound, he gave the stage away to lbm and hugh mazakela (or how you spell it...don't care to check) for an hour. i left the concert after the audience had been forced to listen to- and watch lbm dance and sing for 25 minutes followed by some weird mandela-shouting by hm supported by ps. when a south african lady entered the stage i left the show. i have never been a big fan of graceland, but the album is ok, but highly overrated, but i never imagined he would give away the stage for so long to his african friends with the worst kind of extremely boring music and political shouting. i spend 800 usd in flight ticket, hotel and ticket and spent 2 days of my holiday. mr. simon: i want my money back! to make it absurd ( and this a completely true) i later - randomly - met him on the street outside his hotel when he came in taxi after the concert! i couldn't believe it. i was 1 meter away from ps and looking at him and he looking at me. what do do? give him a verbal beating for a terrible concert? ask for the autograph? take a photo with him? a 13-14 year old boy then came up and asked ps to sign "graceland" and "botw". the boy obviously knew that ps was at this hotel and had waited outside. ps signed "graceland", bur refused to sign "botw". ps was also grumpy and did not smile of say anything. what discraceful behaviour! i just left my biggest idol there and then with a bad taste in my mouth. i live in bergen, norway and had tickets - or course - in my hometown tomorrow (26th), of what should have been the biggest event in my life, but i have now given them away. i still love his music, but as a person he proved to be mr. nothing. i will never see him live again, except with ag - if that happens. from another very disappointed paul s in norway ( yes, we have the same initials and first name)

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