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USA - New York

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All Paul Simon and Garfunkel fans from USA - New York

Alexander Alexander Duell Mcmahon 41yrs, Brooklyn , M
Backlash likes I just cant remember - it was a long time ago!
Barb likes
Daniel likes The boxer
Dave likes
Gavin Marshall 48yrs, New York
James M
Jerome Walsh 70yrs, West Babylon , M
Joel Ovimeleh 68yrs, New York, M
John L 70yrs, Home, M
John Link 59yrs, Castile, M
Keith Schenenga 68yrs, Yorktown Heights
Keith Schenenga 68yrs, Yorktown Heights
Linda Lee Sweeney Smith 75yrs, New York, F
Lou Sommer 72yrs, United States
Maura Fried 67yrs, Long Beach, F
Mike likes The leaves that are green
Mike Cooper 66yrs, Delmar, M
Nancy likes Feelin groovy
Nick Romeo 35yrs, Syracuse, M
Nyc likes
Paul Delaubell 70yrs, Liverpool, M
Peichao Lin 2023yrs, New York City
Phil Laporta 69yrs, Rochester, M
Phil Laporta 69yrs, Rochester
Raymond Smith 63yrs, Stony Brook
Stewart likes