Forum and site rules


This forum and site has been created to discuss Paul Simons music, life and related discussions. 'Related' includes Simon and Garfunkel and also Art Garfunkel. All people which are interested in these thematics are welcome. Please expect that some Paul Simons fans may not like Art Garfunkels solo music, this is nothing personal against you (most of the time it is just a 'hidden' joke).

This forum is open (Jan. 2005), that means everyone can participate on all the discussion without registration or a login-procedure. If useless discussions overwhelm the forum, then this may be changed in the future and every user needs a special admission by a forum moderator.

Swearing is not allowed! (this doesn't mean the word 'fuck' is not allowed - it is allowed but only in the context of analysing 'Capeman' songs)

Every forum has a moderator (and together the english language forum has 5 moderators). These moderators are allowed to delete messages immediately if they obey one of the rules. The moderators are anonyme. So if your messages disappear it is not a defect of the website or database, it was your fault.

Use the search function. I've heard some feedback that it works. At the time this forum has ~50.000 messages in 5 languages and the search function will look trough all of them.

Offering goods for money is not allowed, with 1 exception. If you have a concert ticket in reserve you are allowed to offer it for face value (+shipping costs).

Trading illegal copies or mp3's and video files of official and acquirable releases is not allowed. Also requesting them is not allowed. (but there is a lot of 'grey' space... the Concert at the park 1991 DVD is not official acquirable - but all things you find on are aquirable. I believe that their should be some pressure on Paul Simons management to release these other items in the future)

Spamming is not allowed. What does that mean? - If you ask the same question again and again, start new senseless threads or just give a comment to every discussion which hasn't anything to do with the related topic just to 'nerve' people - then this is spamming. (the 5 moderatores are allowed to decide what is nerving)