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Unreleased So Beautiful track with Joey Defrancesco

from Bodo, 2021-04-09

Jim Oblon wrote a little bit about that So Beautiful now is 10 years old, He was so happy to be Part of it on many tracks, and He also mentioned that there has been one More track recorded but it was never released. The Song was recorded together with jazz musician Joey Defrancesco ( a Jazz super Star who began playing with Miles Davis as a Teenager)

I was surprised Paul keeps a track and does not Release it. I always had the feeling He has a Problem to write 10 or 11 Songs, and would prefer to finish an Album with 6 to 8 Songs.

I assume the track Was very jazzy and did not fit to So Beautiful in the End. Will we ever hear that one?...

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J.S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3; Paul Simon (Arr. Colin Jacobsen): American Tune

from Bodo, 2020-04-27

The Knights are a young Brooklyn based orchestral collective that has recently combined a performance of Bach Brandenburg No. 3 with Paul Simon's "American Tune". More information below with a short description written by The Knights co-founder Colin Jacobsen and of course a link to the video filmed at Caramoor.

View the video HERE

Quote by Colin Jacobsen -

In the "age's most uncertain hour", the words of Paul Simon and the music of Bach come together to bring us a measure of comfort and hope. Bach's music, long celebrated for its balance of head, heart and spirit gives a sense that joy, suffering, life and death all have their place in the universe. It is these themes that may have drawn Paul Simon to borrow from Bach's setting of a Lutheran hymn, O Sacred Head, Now Wounded, for his meditation on the American experience. Simon's American Tune was written in 1973, in a deeply divided nation, in the midst of the tail end of the Vietnam War and the Nixon impeachment proceedings.

In Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, the outer movements, full of the joy of dance, of interlocking contrapuntal motifs played by a consort of strings that pile on to create the effect of one giant hyper-violin, are juxtaposed with two simple, questioning chords. These are usually taken to imply some sort of improvised cadenza, and people's interpretation of what that can be ranges from simple ornamentation of the chords to whole movements, sometimes substituting other pieces by Bach for this abbreviated movement. For The Knights' version of Bach's Brandenburg No. 3, I have arranged Paul Simon's American Tune for Knights violinist (and a singer/songwriter herself) Christina Courtin as the second movement. There are few who are so multi-talented and courageous as Courtin; in this performance, you'll see her holding down one of the virtuoso violin parts, and then calmly stepping forth to the front of the group and singing Simon's song before retreating back into the circle for the joyous conclusion of Bach's concerto. In the arrangement, I start with Bach's chords and slowly transition to the Simon song before returning to the Brandenburg.

Encoded in the song itself is a typical American story of inspiration, assimilation and transformation. Starting off its life as a medieval Latin hymn Salve mundi salutare (attributed to the poet Arnulf of Leuven who died in 1250), the words were translated into German in the 17th century by the Lutheran hymnist Paul Gerhardt to become the hymn "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden." The melody was written by Hans Leo Hassler around 1600 for a secular love song, which was then used as the basis for Johann Cruger's setting of Gerhardt's text. Bach clearly fell in love with the melody, for he used it in a number of settings including his St. Matthew's Passion, the Christmas Oratorio and other cantatas. Simon sensed the power of the melody to console; its sense of resignation mixed with hope, and his lyrics reflect those themes.

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S&G Concert, War Memorial Tenton NJ 1966, Parsley S R & Thyme Tour missing

from Teddy, 2019-10-06

I just posted on a It's a Trenton Thing Facebook about the S& G Concert I attended with friends at the Trenton War Memorial in 1966 and the conversation we had with them afterwards. Because this (poorly attended) concert which we most definitely attended is not listed on this site, I am being called a liar. Can anyone 69,70 or older help me out. Bonus if you went that night.

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Top 25 years from the 80s, 90s and 00s

from Bodo, 2019-10-06

American Songwriter Magazin Sat together to Pick their top 25 US American Songs from 3 decades.
The list definately had some great songs and some little known gems, and when I read trough and came closer to number 1, when Bruce Springsteens Born in the USA was alread number 2, I did Not expect any Paul Simon Song on the list.. boy and girls I was so wrong.

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Next Paul Simon live show - New York

from Bodo, 2019-09-25

Paul Simon will join Live from Here with Chris Thile as a special guest for the radio show's October 26 broadcast, live from New York City's Town Hall.

Over the past three years, Chris Thile has brought his eclectic mix of music and guests to Live from Here — the weekly live public radio program — appealing to curious music fans.

For tickets and more information, visit: https://http://www.livefromhere.org/tour

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Paul writing a new songs?

from Bodo, 2019-09-21

As the 2019 recipient of the Smithsonian’s Great Americans Medal, the musician divulged he still has one more song to write...

Read the full story:

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Bodo:It is a long article, so this is the onl...
Bodo:As the 2019 recipient of the Smithsonian...

Great Americans medal for Paul

from Henk, 2019-09-18

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will present its "Great Americans" medal to Paul Simon tomorrow on Sept. 18. Paul will be the first musician to receive the award.



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Henk:The Smithsonian’s National Museum of A...

Bob Weir and Paul sang The Boxer in SF

from Bodo, 2019-08-16

Having Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead as a special guest on his San Francisco show at the Outside lands festival, both performed together the Simon and Garfunkel classic "The Boxer"

Video is available on youtube:

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Cecilia played in Maui

from Bodo, 2019-08-16

Paul played together with Michael McDonald a mix/rendition of Cecilia including parts of McDonalds hit "Will It Go Round In Circles" on the 2nd Maui show August 14.
Watch it on youtube:

Paul seems to be very relaxed on that probably un-rehearsed song, doing just a jam and improvising a little bit more than usual.

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Paul to play in Maui and San Franzisco this month

from Bodo, 2019-08-02

Paul Simon will perform full concerts within the next weeks in San Franzisco and near his new home in Hawaii on Maui.
All proceeds will go to different funds for biodiversity or local healthcare projects.

The whole band from the last tour will join him for these shows. Some pictures of a setlist have been posted on Biodun Kuti facebook from the rehearsals.

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