The neck of my Guitar

And he blew Bend Oregon away

from Robert , 2017-06-26

The best concert I have ever been. Thank you Paul and all who surround you with love, care and the energy to inspire us so. Thanks also to the attendees for appreciating and participating in the concert. We danced, we sang and many of us were ecstatic. I do believe I saw Paul crying with tears of joy, I and others surely were.
I grew up in Queens and in 1966 I brought my first stereo and a copy of “Sounds of Silence”. I was still living in Queens but working in Manhattan and spending time there. I played that album until I wore it out. I wanted to see Paul Simon many times but...
The concert so moved me, I took off my priced button “Oregon Loves New York” and put it on the stage for Paul. The button was from a trip in September of 2001 when our mayor led 800 Oregonians to New York City to show our support.
One interesting note. For half the concert the crowd control people would only let the first row folks dance in the area directly in front of the band. You had to have a special bracelet. Then Paul sang a song about the need for special bracelet to get in places and after that we were allowed up front. Thanks again Paul!