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Paul Simon not retiring now

from Bodo , 2016-07-28

Well, it seems sometimes Paul Simon is just testing our nerves. While he made some clear statements to NY times in late June that he thinks about retiring - or taking a very long rest at the age of 74 (which would anyway result in retiring, or can we hope for a comeback at 85?), Paul said in a recent interview before the DNC, that he never said that he will retire now.

He just said he was thinking what it would it mean for him to retire, would it changing his perspective and such things. Okay, fine for us. Maybe also some close friends had influence on him, many wrote him letters and called him and said he can not retire. So he didn't... maybe?

Good news for us.

Here is the full interview. (1 hour)


Now lets just hope his voice is still absolute fine and he does not give a *&$%ยง on the crazy comments after the performance of Bridge on the DNC.