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Paul recording new songs

from Bodo , 2014-06-07

Jim Oblon has released a picture of him, Paul and some band members recording - as we suspect a new song at Pauls home.
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We are definately looking forward to a new album in the near future. However, expect Paul to be slow, I count on late 2015 or even 2016 for a release date.

Simon/Sting Tour 2015 Australia & Europe

from Bodo , 2014-06-30

Jamey Haddad was the first to announce tour dates for 2015 on his website.
30-Jan-15 Auckland, NZ Opening Show
31-Jan-15 OFF or 2nd Auckland
3-Feb-15 Brisbane, AUS
4-Feb-15 Brisbane, AUS
7-Feb-15 Geelong, AUS (Nr. Melbourne)
8-Feb-15 Aidelaide, AUS
10-Feb-15 Melbourne, AUS
11-Feb-15 Melbourne, AUS
13-Feb-15 OFF/Opt Add’t Melbourne or Sydney
14-Feb-15 Hunter Valley, AUS (Nr. New Castle)
16-Feb-15 Sydney, AUS
17-Feb-15 Sydney, AUS
21-Feb-15 Perth, AUS
22-Feb-15 Perth, AUS

EUROPE Dates in Europe are not confirmed, as we understand a tour is planed trough March and April in many central European countries, as also Ireland and the UK

So in early 2015 we get a lot of Paul Simon concerts in Australia, New Zealand and Europe - this time even in the part of Europe south of Ireland ;-) 2015 might become a Paul Simon year if we get both, a Simon+Sting tour, a new album, and a Simon solo tour in the fall. (fingers crossed)