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Paul touring with Sting in 2014?

from Bodo , 2013-07-17

A usually very well informed source brought to our eyes that the ´guest´ on Paul Simons next tour is Sting.

Paul recently appeared as a guest on a Sting concert and they sang each others songs. Sting was joking that they are forming a new band named ´Simon and Stingfunkel´

While until that recent appearance most of us had no idea of a Simon-Sting connection I remember one story. Both artists had the same yoga teach 10-15 years ago (maybe till today?) - and both appeared on tracks of the yoga teachers album River Of The Soul. His name is Danny Paradise

So what can we expect from that tour? Personally I doubt that Sting will only be a guest for two or 3 songs, it might be a 2-headliner tour, each of them playing their own set and a shared set in the middle (like the Bob-Paul tour in 1999).

Paul Simon Most Lucrative Show at O2 Dublin 2013

from Brenda , 2013-07-18

Paul Simon´s two Graceland Reunion Shows last year in Dublin were the most lucrative shows at the venue which was the world´s fourth best attended music arena.Source: Irish Times.

Paul Most Lucrative Artist at the O2 in Dublin Last Year

from Brenda , 2013-07-18

Paul´s Simon´s two Graceland Reunion shows last July at the O2 in Dublin were the most lucrative at the venue (which was the world fourth best attended Music Arena} grossing &2.09 million.

Source: Irish Times


S&S(?) tour from January till March

from Bodo , 2013-07-19

Tour plans for 2014 are developing, it will be at least a 2-3 months tour leg. Questions might be: Where? Maybe USA as Paul toured Europe in 2012 and Asia in 2013.
In the meantime read that nice interview with a local resident from Bethlehem

Edie with Paul - Goodbye for now

from Bodo , 2013-07-22

You need to listen closely and you will hear our Paul Simon. This is from Edie Brickels ´Song of the day´ - recorded at the dressing room in Greensboro May 31-2013

(repost from AMPS)

2008 BAM concert for streaming - Under African skies

from Bodo , 2013-07-25

A full concert from the 2008 BAM series in New York appeared as a streaming audio/download(?)


This concert was on April 10, it is the first one from the ´Under African skies´ set. Other sets have been ´Songs from the Capeman´ and ´American Tunes´

Songs and Artists:
Boy in the Bubble (Vusi Mahlasela)
Gumboots (Paul)
Under African Skies (Vusi and Kaissa duet)
Proof (Kaissa)
She Moves On (Kaissa)
The Coast (Kaissa)
Cool cool river (Paul)
Vendedor de Sonhos (Paul and Lucianna Souza- supposed to be with Milton Nascimento)
Spirit Voices (Paul with Lucianna singing Milton´s part)
Can´t Run But (Lucianna)
BATRT (Lucianna- everyone on back up)
I Know What I Know (David Byrne)
Al (David)
Homeless (LBM with Vusi)
Diamonds (Paul and LBM)
Graceland (Paul)
That Was your Mother (Paul)

Thanks Joey B for finding.